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How to tell if a psychic is real or a con artist?

psychic is real or a con artist

There are tons of Psychic Reading websites these days, all of them are offering the same services for the same fee, $1 per 1 minute reading.  But, how to tell if a Clairvoyant, a Medium or a Psychic is genuine or is in fact a con artist? Psychic readers almost …

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Tips on how to choose the right psychic medium

There are various websites offers hundreds of psychic names, some of them are very famous psychics. But, some people who are seeking a psychic advice can’t afford the cost of a famous psychic. Therefore, we give you some useful tips on how to choose the right psychic medium. Let’s get …

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Beware Of Curses And Spells

     Have you heard a psychic saying “Someone has placed a curse on you! You are the victim of a malicious spell!” Does this sound familiar to you? It does to me and over the past six months I’ve had numerous callers contact me worried that they are under some …

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Do Not Be A Victim Of Psychic Scam

      Psychics, mediums, fortune tellers and spell casters have been around for centuries. From the start, their field has been rife with fraud. There is little protection for victims, many of whom are too embarrassed to come forward or simply feel too threatened to tell. A quick Google …

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Decoding The Real Truth About Psychics

Professional psychics specialises in different methods and each of them brings a unique skill set in the table for counselling others on the path to awakening. The spiritual advisors who partner with us here at PsychicOz have spent years, if not decades, fine tuning their channel to be as clear and receptive as possible. …

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Effective Psychic Tools Which Are Commonly Used

Psychics often uses different tools and methods to obtain information during a psychic reading. Tarot cards, astrology, runes, crystals, spirit guides, angels—the list is long and fascinating. Now, there are some psychics who don’t work with any of these; they simply use whatever psychic ability they have to log into the …

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Psychics: What Is True And What Is Not?

‘Ever wondering if psychics are true or not? Is it worth spending money to talk with them? Are they going to really help you or will just to ripped off your pocket? Did you choose the right psychics? There are so many questions in your mind but haven’t really found …

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How To Detect A Lying Psychic

 Alleged psychics who claim to have supernatural powers to communicate with the “spirit realm” have been around for centuries and these psychics may seem very convincing at first but that is a cognitive illusion created by the fact that these supposed psychics use psychological tools and techniques to attempt to create …

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