How to Heal Karmic Wounds

Heal Karmic Wounds

People have used different kinds of tools of divination such as dowsing, crystals, aura reading, energy sessions or other things to help them to feel more grounded.

Some people are masters of Reiki and they have realized that energies need to be healed. They have the idea of karma and healing and they know that everyone has a divine plan in life.

If you have karma wounds, chances are that you will feel tired or that your energy will feel blocked. This can be a conflict that you see repeatedly in your life or in your relationships. Everyone has to deal with their past karma but there is hope to have a peaceful life.

What is Karma

Karma is something that happens to you in your life both good and bad. The way that you handle the karma is the way that you are growing or staying in one place. The universe uses karma to keep you from making bad choices and by using it to reward you or punish you for what you have done.

As you incarnate in your life, you might experience the karmic debt or even rewards of the good karma that you have experienced. The intentions that you have in your life will have consequences and you will have to pay your karma back so that you can be enlightened.

If you are going through another lifetime, you have gained new karma from the things in your past lives. If you are working off your karma or if you are being rewarded, this can be a good experience or something negative.

It can be hard for you to understand karma but if you have bad relationships or if you find your life is hard, this can be karma you are being forced to pay back. You have to do this until your karma is all paid back.

Karmic Wounds

Karmic wounds are things that happen from a different lifetime. This is someone that will have a wound from one life to the other. This can be more than one person or a group.

This can be experiences that you have today, and you must learn your lesson so that you can move on from this debt.

Karmic Wound Sharing

In order to know if you share karmic wounding, you have to see how your relationships are. Did you meet someone that you felt like you have known forever? This can mean that your soul recognizes their soul, and it can cause you to be excited.

Maybe you remember things, or they have taught you a lesson. This can be an agreement that you have made in a past life and they might be able to help you fulfill your karma.

How Can an Energy Worker Know Karma?

A person that is an energy worker will be able to see the hard things in their life and in your life. Learn to pay attention to emotions and the energy around you. Do you feel like a victim or do you feel that you are being targeted by things that are bad?

Even when situations are hard, you can feel the heaviness of bad karma and you can see old patterns going on. This can mean karma has come and it can be very dramatic.

Learn to notice karma and stay on your path until it is paid.

Karmic Bonds

As we meet people, we can form karmic bonds but not all relationships are full of bonds. This can happen based on karmic partners.

You might not always have someone else’s karma and you might be born with karma attached to you at birth. This can be family karma and it can go from generation to generation.

These karma things can come from different lineage and it can have been created by your family and it has to be balanced.

Working Off Karma

You can work off your karma in one lifetime by reaching your enlightenment. When you are more aware of your spiritual being, you can pay back your karma.

Creating New Karma

You can always create new karma no matter what is going on in your life. Karma is the action and the intentions that you have in your heart. You will always have to pay for the karma that you form rather good or bad.

When you work off your karma, you are doing this by making a decision but if you choose to hurt people along your path, you are making more negative karma that will come back to you.

You can create good karma by doing nice things such as helping with a charity, taking care of the people that need your help and by having a good heart. These are some ways that you can bring good karma to your life.

Karma Amounts

Not everyone has the same amount of karma and it depends on their lifetime and the things that they have done in their life.

Not Fixing Your Karma

If you choose to not work on paying your karmic debt, you will have to repeat patterns over and over again in your next life.


If you find that you are stuck in a pattern, you need to pay off your karmic debt. You can do this when you work hard in your life to take care of things that need to be taken care of in your life. Work hard and do what is good and you will see that good karma will follow you.