About Report Psychic

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my website, a place to come to gather information about psychics, common scams, fraud alerts, and more. I know that there are so many ways in which people can be taken advantage of online, and I wanted to build a space where a community could gather to get reliable information about psychics, where to find the good ones, and much more.

My name is Michaela Turk, and I’ve been a victim of online scams before. It can be very hard to see past someone’s promises or a deal that seems to be too good to be true, especially when you are feeling vulnerable or confused. After the premature death of my brother, I was feeling very lost and disoriented. I sought out a psychic who I thought could give me answers about his life and moving forward, but all I got were empty promises. Thankfully, I managed to see through this particular psychic before they emptied my bank account as well.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. Frauds scam people out of thousands of dollars every year, and not just in the psychic industry. On my website you can find out more about common scams that psychics will try to use in order to swindle people out of their time and money; additionally, you can learn to recognize the warning signs for yourself the next time you want to get a psychic reading online.

This website is designed to give people a space to look up reviews and recommendations about online psychics and psychic networks. Just like we read reviews for new restaurants or a movie before we go to see it, there needed to be a system of reviewing psychics before more people invested in the frauds or the scammers.

With the countless number of online psychics advertising their work, it can be difficult to sort through the legitimate options. Here, you can read what other clients have said about their experiences and better anticipate what kind of reading you can expect from certain psychics or networks. No system is perfect, but I hope to build this website even more so that legitimate and genuine psychics can be recognized in this industry.

You can help me continue to build this network by letting us know about your experiences with psychics. If you are looking for a psychic reading, you can also search for a trusted psychic here. Let us know how we’re doing!


Michaela Turk