Identify and Strengthen Claircognizance with These Easy Tips

Strengthen Claircognizance

Claircognizance is the most misunderstood and underrated psychic gift. Claircognizants know things without understanding how or why they know them. The knowledge comes as a feeling, a clear impression, or an inexplicable understanding of information.

The term “claircognizant” is rooted in French words, which translate as “clear knowing.” People with the gift of claircognizance receive clear knowledge about things. In other words, claircognizance is the psychic or extrasensory gift of knowing apart from the five senses.

Are You Claircognizant?

Not everyone with a psychic gift is born with it. People can acquire or develop such abilities later in life. Some uncover or develop the abilities in the course of, or after, a spiritual awakening. Others may have possessed claircognizant abilities their whole lives, but never fully understood them.

Many claircognizants receive their clear impressions from the spiritual realm. Common characteristics of claircognizants are clear, immediate, and accurate impressions of people’s true nature. Claircognizants are also great sources of information and good ideas, and often benefit from positive outcomes in difficult situations.

Here are six signs that you may have the gift of claircognizance.

  1. You just know things. Claircognizants don’t need to see, hear, feel energy, or use other physical or psychic senses but still receive clear impressions or information that’s. These impressions are otherwise unknowable and can relate to people, things, or places. They’re usually undeniably felt and come through to them very strongly.
  2. You finish others’ sentences and know what they’re going to say. Claircognizants can accurately finish other people’s sentences and often know what somebody else is about to say before they say it.
  3. You have reliable gut instincts. Claircognizants have strong, accurate gut instincts. They just know when something isn’t right, such as when a potential business deal is questionable, or when to take a different way home.

Many people experience claircognizance, but don’t trust their instincts. This can lead to hurt or going down a difficult life path.

  1. You know when others are lying. Claircognizants often know when somebody else is lying or is attempting to misdirect others. They may even come to be known as a “human lie detector.”
  2. You wake up with answers. Claircognizant impressions often manifest while we sleep, when our conscious minds calm down enough to tune into them.
  3. You can predict the weather. Weather forecasters use instruments and observation to make predictions about the weather. But claircognizants often just know what the weather is going to be like.

Develop Your Claircognizance

Just as your body is strengthened with physical exercise, claircognizance can be acquired and encouraged with claircognizance exercises.

These six simple exercises will help you develop your claircognizant gifts, clear your psychic channels to receive information through your gift, and increase your sensitivity so you’re prepared to communicate with the spiritual realm.

  1. Meditation. Meditation will calm and focus you, which will help you generally strengthen your psychic gifts. To specifically develop claircognizance, focus your awareness on the top of your head, which is the location of your crown chakra. It serves as your connection to the Universe.

Visualize your crown chakra opening, which will allow information to flow to you claircognizantly. Maintain your awareness of your crown chakra after you finish meditating to keep the channel open.

  1. Crown chakra clearing. Clearing and balancing all seven of your chakras will strengthen all of your psychic gifts on multiple levels, and assist you in overall spiritual awakening. But clearing your crown chakra will aid claircognizance development the most.

For this exercise, visualize an opening in your crown chakra. Imagine placing a large white or lavender lotus flower into the opening. Now, imagine that the lotus flower begins to spin. Finally, think or say out loud, “My crown chakra is clean, clear, and balanced.”

Don’t despair if you’re having trouble visualizing at first, or you think you may not be doing it correctly. Just keep repeating the exercise.

  1. Crystals. Certain crystals will assist your claircognizance development and increase your abilities. Amethyst is an effective supporter of many psychic gifts. But to use it specifically for claircognizance development, hold a small amethyst crystal near your crown chakra while you meditate or clear that chakra. To aid psychic development, keep an amethyst geode or cluster next to your bed to protect you as you sleep.
  2. Place written questions under your bed pillow. Placing written notes under your pillow is an effective dream recall aid. But it can also be used to boost claircognizance. Jot down a question on a slip of paper, and place it under your pillow just before bed. Sticking to a single question will help make it obvious when your answer comes to you.

When you wake up, immediately retrieve your paper and read the question to see if the answer claircognizantly came to you while you slept.

  1. Ask for spiritual assistance. You don’t have to already be clairvoyant to receive information from your spirit guides. When a good idea or a viable solution to a problem you’re facing seems to just pop into your head, thank your spirit guides!

This general advice can really help with anything. When you ask for and acknowledge guidance from spiritual beings, they can achieve incredible things for you.

  1. Set intentions for your ability. Setting intentions activates your receptivity, empowers you to manifest what you want, and tells the Universe what information will help you. To set an intention, simply describe your specific desire, then announce it to the Universe.

Final Thoughts

As your psychic gifts increase, they’ll feel like superpowers. But it will take time, so be patient and don’t be hard on yourself.

Your gifts will come to fruition at their own pace, in their unique way. Don’t force or rush your claircognizance. Stay spiritually grounded and protect yourself with crystals.

Do you have the gift of claircognizance? Do you have any other psychic development exercises that work for you? Please share in the comment section below!