8 Crystals That Can Help Your Spiritual Journey

8 Crystals That Can Help Your Spiritual Journey

Crystals have long fascinated people. From their beauty to their hidden meanings, gems have been sought after for millennia. However, the love affair with crystals runs much deeper as they have also been used for healing and spiritual purposes for more than 6,000 years when the Sumerians of Mesopotamia used them.

Many other ancient cultures then incorporated crystals into their spirituality and healing practices including those in Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, and South America.

The Science of Rocks

There hasn’t been research into if and how crystals work to heal. However, scientists have been able to prove that data can be stored in synthetic crystals, which is why each gem has particular qualities.

Everyone has an energy and all matter vibrates at certain levels of energy. Crystals, likewise, vibrate at their unique frequencies. Combining our frequencies to those of crystals creates a wider vibrational field that has an impact on our nervous systems. This is called the Law of Resonance. It is these vibrational shifts that help stimulate healing.

Scientists also concur that crystals have piezoelectricity, which is a unique electrical charge. This is a charge crystals give off once they are cut or pressed. When you press your hand or finger against the crystal, it emits an electrical charge.

Those who use crystals find they open up vibrational doors, help meditation, strengthen prayer, can be used to create a grid, can be programmed with intention, used to support a ritual, or help in mindfulness.

How to Use Crystals

The most important thing you can do when you plan to use crystals is to ground yourself first. After all, the purpose is to connect with your soul. Breath deeply a few minutes, center your mind, and relax your body. There are some grounding crystals such as black tourmaline or smoky quartz that works well for this.

8 Crystals to Heal

Eight easily accessible crystals can help you in a variety of ways ranging from your body to your mind and your spirit.

  1. Amethyst is a popular crystal because it helps to open the third eye and crown chakras, helps deepen intuition, helps calm and protect, and is an awesome mediation aid.
  2. Labradorite is a favorite with a mysterious origin told by the Inuit tribe. They believe this crystal fell from the Aurora Borealis. This iridescent crystal awakens abilities that appear magical, reveals the truth, strengthens trust in yourself, and grounds spiritual energy. It also relieves stress and anxiety.
  3. Lemurian quartz is a little hard to obtain. They are abundant in Brazil but are also found in Russia and other places. Like other crystals, this one has a story to tell. Legend states these crystals originated from Lemuria, a lost civilization that was highly advanced spiritually. This peaceful society supposedly programmed these crystals to teach oneness and love to pass down the traits of the Lemurian people to future generations.

This crystal helps in spiritual awakening, magnifies prayers, intentions, and wishes, helps you reach higher consciousness levels, connects you to hidden knowledge within yourself, awakens your link to wholeness, and removes energy blocks from chakras.

The Lemurian quartz is also called a “master crystal” because it affects all your body’s energy centers.

  1. Moldavite is an incredibly powerful stone found only in the Czech Republic. It is a meteorite stone that is the product of a crash near a Czechoslovakian river 15 million years ago. Some consider this stone to be extraterrestrial in origin.

This crystal can raise your vibration, produce immediate and rapid life changes, connect you to higher consciousness, increase the number of synchronic moments, change your inner being quickly, and open your heart. This stone can produce a warm, pulsating sensation from the first time you hold it.

  1. Nuummite, mined only in Greenland, is called a “magician’s stone” or “sorcerer’s stone.” It is an incredibly old stone as it was formed in a volcanic eruption some 3.8 million years ago.

This stone enhances personal power, strengthens your energy field, grounds you spiritually, help in shamanic journeying and soul retrieval, and allows you to tap into unconscious layers of your mind.

This rare stone is limited quantity and many collectors find it highly valuable.

  1. Rose quartz is pretty to look at and more attainable than some of the other stones because it is found all over the world. Called the “stone of unconditional love,” this stone is known to open the heart, making it ideal for inner work.

This crystal helps clear you of negative feelings like resentment, guilt, anger, fear, and jealousy. It promotes forgiveness and acceptance as well as stimulates self-love. It helps to increase the personal reception of love and emotion and aids in promoting mental harmony and emotional balance.

Like Lemurian quartz, rose quartz is considered a “master crystal” as it benefits all chakras.

  1. Lapis Lazuli has been in use since the Neolithic Age with many making use of it in different ways. The Bible references this stone, but it was also heavily used in Egypt. Tutankhamun used it in his burial mask and Cleopatra used a powered version of the stone for eyeshadow.

This stone opens the third eye, helps you align in truth, aids in eliminating illusion to find the truth, sharpens mental clarity, increases your spiritual growth, and promotes a connection with a higher consciousness.

  1. Moqui marbles, also called Boji Stones, are also known as “shaman stones.” This stone is rather dull in appearance compared to others but is incredibly powerful. The marbles come in three types that are female, male, and androgynous. These stones are related to those who have died as the word “Moqui” is a Hopi word meaning “dear departed ones.” They come from the southwestern United States.

The legend is the spirits of the deceased played with the marbles during the night and left them as messages to the living in the morning.

These marbles promote centering and grounding, helps you connect with earth energies, balances male and female energies, connects you with animal spirit guides, awakens psychic abilities, and clears your energy field.

These crystals are good ones to get you started on your spiritual journey to personal healing and inner peace.