Understanding Charka Healing

Understanding Charka Healing

Chakra healing is a way balance the energy movement through living beings.  The goal is maintaining ideal balance between the energy points in the body.  To achieve a balanced chakra system, one must know each point’s unique functions and how chakras interact with each other.  Healthy chakras system can by identified by some of the following traits:

  • Optimum equilibrium
  • Distinct qualities of energies or vibrations associated with each chakra
  • Appropriate strength of energy for each chakra
  • Appropriate direction of energy for each chakra (clockwise or counterclockwise)
  • Appropriate polarity (in/outward flow, or reception and expression of energy)

Importance of healing chakras

Our daily experiences influence the state of our chakras.  Negative interactions are especially powerful as they tend to heighten one’s defensiveness leading to a constriction in energy flow and hindering the chakra system.  This is what is typically referred to as a “blockage,” or reduction in the quality of energy produced by a chakra point and the way flow is greatly reduce throughout the spiritual field.  By healing your chakras, you promote a balanced and optimal flow of energy either throughout your body or in one specific area.

How chakra health benefits our life

Having stimulating experience either via direct physical contact or an emotional method create small electromagnetic charges in our body that is expressed through our chakras.  The direction and quality of the energy governed by each chakra is altered and creates a system wide reaction.  Society’s culture can also impact culture with a community driven by mental acuity and scientific mindset producing a collect reliance on the third chakra.  This is similar to how our physical environment can impact our chakras.  For example, if you get regular exposure to nature and contemplation, then you may have additional energy in your first two chakras that help to ground your entire chakra system.

The philosophical basis for chakra healing

One prominent philosophy of balanced charkas state there is an upward flow of energy produced by the earth’s magnetic field that climbs up the chakra points, and a downward flow of energy produced by the universe that travels down toward the earth via our chakras.  The two currents act to ground each other and the whole energetic body.  A second philosophy pays particular attention to the upward movement of energy stemming from the root chakra and its effects onto the rest of the system.  Having a dualistic lens is akin to the adage “mind over matter” and the connection between psyche and awareness.  So if you want to have a healthier chakra system, consider how your mind feels more refreshed when you work to have a healthier mindset.