Avoiding Energy Vampires


Everyone goes through formative years during which they realize a lot of different things about themselves…and the people around them. At some point during your late teenage years (give or take a few years or bad experiences) you end up realizing that not everyone is looking out for your best interests. There are actually those who only worry about themselves and wind up stealing your positive energy to use it for their own gain: the energy vampires.

All that an energy vampire will do is take from you. They can be people close to you, like your friends, coworkers, customers, family, or your neighbors. And they could also be strangers.

There are a number of different kinds of energy vampire you need to watch out for, from the blamer who only ever blames others for their transgressions, to the jealous types who are never actually happy for your successes.

There’s also the insecure vampires who knock you down in order to build themselves up, fun-suckers who seem to make everything less enjoyable, the bully, the guilt-tripper who never fails to remind you of that one time you messed up, and then there are the negative Nancy’s, Debbie Downers, and the complainers.

The list is sadly endless, and all energy vampires have one thing in common. They can’t create their own positive energy or keep it going. So they have to use yours. As their lifeless souls strain to be energized, they’ll find anything near them to latch onto.

Of course, there are plenty of people like this in your life, and it can be easy to try and just deal with it. Many of these people don’t have bad intentions, they just suck the life out of you, even if you care about them. It can be very difficult to leave one of these relationships.

And you never want to push anyone away because you’re a good person. But if you have your best interests in mind, you’ll come to realize that relationships either energize you or steal your energy.

So are your relationships with these energy vampires uplifting you…or are they not?

Remember: the only person in charge of protecting your energy space is YOU. To live your healthiest and happiest life, it’s essential for you to keep people around who uplift you and give you the positive energy you need.

A Few Thoughts

  • When your relationships change…are they getting better or worse?
  • Do you believe with your whole heart that you can trust the person with your dreams, biggest fears, or sacred secrets?
  • Does the person make you feel valuable and stable? Are they supportive?
  • Describe the exchange of energy between you and the person. Which way does it flow?
  • Do they ever make you feel judged?
  • Decision time: Should you end this relationship?

Now, there are always relationships that you can’t get out of, like coworkers, bosses, or family members in certain cases.

Here’s 7 coping methods for dealing with the energy vampires that you can’t get away from.

  1. Let go of the negative energy they create. Exhale it and send it out with the trash.
  2. Let them know when they are draining your energy. Don’t be a pushover.
  3. Make light of the troubles and shift the subject instead of reacting on impulse to their urges and negative energies.
  4. Keep the purpose of your connection to them in mind above all else.
  5. Step back and try to get some perspective before reacting to their words or actions. Remember that their behavior is their own responsibility, not yours.
  6. Try to envision that there’s an energy shield around you. Like a ball of protective energy and light, you can block out all of the negative energy coming off of this vampire and keep them from getting any of yours.
  7. Remind yourself of your worth. You deserve to be surrounded by the best kinds of people that you can uplift and expect them to do the same for you.

Enjoy your life and avoid those vampires. Let’s have a positive, life-changing rest of 2019!