Chakras and Auras Working Together

Chakras and Auras Working Together

Many people confuse chakras and auras or use the terms interchangeably. It is important to know and understand the difference in these things. Understanding these energy centers is a way to enhance spiritual unfoldment, gain insight, and grow in psychic development throughout life.


Chakras are multi-colored spinning wheels in the energy fields. There are seven main chakra points, though many people believe we have hundreds of mini-chakras. The main ones include:

  • Crown – located at the top of the head
  • Third-eye – located between the eyebrows
  • Throat – located at the throat
  • Heart – located in the center of the chest
  • Solar plexus – located around the navel area
  • Sacral – located in the lower back area
  • Root – located at the base of the spine

Chakras show the flow of energy throughout the endocrine system as based on our thoughts and feelings at any moment. The chakras are where the energy transfers. They are like distribution centers that channel energy where it is needed at the time in your system. When these chakras are blocked, this can create challenges in life. When a chakra has an emotional blockage, it needs cleared and repaired. Some people can see both auras and chakras, so you can develop your intuitive gifts to the point you can as well. The condition of the chakras are what form the aura.

Your aura is the energy field surrounding the body. It has seven layers, but they are not on top of one another, simply blended together. All living things have an aura, but the human aura extends several feet around the body due to the complex nature. The aura is like reading an energy map that shows when you are happy, tired, logical, friendly, and much more. You can learn to read auras to help see how people are feeling without them saying a word. Think of the aura as an energetic space or bubble that can be invaded or respected by others.

Working Together

Chakras and auras appear as they do because of energy. Each day we think and feel different emotions. This affects both chakras and auras. When we feel positive or passionate, the chakras spin freely and energy flows without effort. The aura shimmers. The opposite is true if we are down, depressed, or struggling to make decisions.

Improving Chakras, Auras, and Life

To help keep our auras and chakras healthy, we need to be healthy and positive. This comes from a healthy and active lifestyle in which we can keep the energy channels open and flowing freely. If a chakra does get blocked, try meditation or a cleansing to help get the energy flowing again. Knowing what certain color auras mean can also be helpful in getting to know and interact with others. Check out the guide below as an example.

  • Orange – Emotional body with a flow of energy
  • Red – Etheric body, feeling existence
  • Yellow – Mental body, self- acceptance and clear thinking
  • Green – Astral body, open to channels of love and clear thinking
  • Blue – Etheric body, clearly expressing thoughts
  • Indigo – Celestial body, universal love and clear vision
  • Violet – Ketheric body, feeling one with creation and purposeful living

Knowing these and learning to recognize them can improve your own life and the life of those around you.