Incarnate Angels

Incarnate Angels

Incarnate angels will often times go to a medium that is an advocate for angels.  They will use their intuition to find these mediums and the medium will help them to know what their true identity really is and the purpose that they had on their lives.

The angels will show up to these mediums and they will do this after seeing a picture or having a strong sense that they can help them.

Incarnate Angels

Incarnated angels did not always have the best lives on earth.  Many of them were hurt and were treated badly and had bad self-esteem.  There are ones that were handicapped and others that were not able to have a good life and struggled.

One reason that incarnate angels need an advocate is that they need someone that can really give them insight to their life, even in the spirit world.  Angelic readings can be offered, and this can give incarnate angels a change to have knowledge that they need so that they can care in their lives and take charge of how they are living instead of being tossed back and forth.


Angels that are incarnated angels are very honest and they talk about things that have happened in their life.  They have a lot of goodness and a bright light and they are loved by many people.  These angels are also very smart and are talented in anything they do and so this causes people to be jealous of them and to want to hurt them.

These people feel that these angels should be targets and they choose to manipulate and hurt them, and they are not trustworthy.  They often will fall into this criticism and they will be dishonest with these angels.

This happens and the angels can let the medium know what is going on.  The medium will help these people with the spirit guides and help them to move on in life and see who they really are.  An incarnated angel will face their life and be confused and will not understand things.

When they get their message and see their purpose in life, they will have an attitude of pain and hurt that came in their life before, but this will start to go away.  They will be able to move their blocks and to find happiness and be changed.

When the reading is done, they will even look different and they will have more self-esteem.  They will have little or no limitations and they will feel that they have psychic abilities that they did not know that they had.

When these angels are learning who they are, they allow themselves to have more power.  They stop people from manipulating them and they recognize when people are being deceitful.  They are able to stay focused and to serve their true purpose.  This is a victory for them.


Anyone that needs to have help and to have better self-esteem and self-worth should consider getting a psychic reading.  A psychic or mediumship reading can help people to connect with their inner self and see what they need to change in order to be happy and free.

Find a good psychic that is honest and truthful, and they can help you to go far in life.