Controlling Your Psychic Gift

Controlling Your Psychic Gift

Controlling Your Psychic GiftWhen you have psychic abilities, you will see that they will manifest in you.  The rules for connecting with these abilities is to connect with the energy and then use them and practice them.  Control your abilities and follow the right path.

If you connect with your energy on a psychic level, then you can feel pain others feel and you can see objects that others can’t see.  Sometimes, you will connect with energies and see into the future and sometimes you will use the energy to make music.  The energy can be in the spirit and can help you to make the right decisions.  The list of what your abilities can do is endless, and you just need to learn to channel the energy.

Without learning to control your abilities, you will have a hard time developing them.  If can be scary or dangerous to not understand your gifts and can leave you upset and feeling disappointed.

Spiritual Team

Everyone has a spiritual team and it makes the journey different than everyone else’s.  This is where you can understand your mission and you can have your spirit guide to help you and defend you from negative energy.

Your spirit guide is just for you and you can find the path that is right for you and understand the good of your gift.  Not all psychics can engage with their guides and if you can, you should do so.

If you want your spirit guide to be with you, find a place that is quiet and call them to you and talk to them.  Speak to them with a song and create a video for them.  Ask for assistance and thank them for coming to you.

You might feel your spirit team’s presence and you will need to move more into the process.  Trust the spirit guide and communicate with them.

Incorporate your spirit guides into following you in all of your life by inviting them and ask them to help you make good decisions.  You have to engage with them so that you can build a better relationship.


Calm your mind and use the energy to start learning and figuring out your gifts.  You have to love your spirit guide and communicate with them and not be distracted by thoughts or things going on around you.  Pay attention to your energy.

Calm your mind and connect with your spirit team so they can warn you of things that you don’t want to go wrong and you can clear your mind.  Breath deeply and make sure your mind is clear and you are able to hear what the guides say to you.

At first, you might not understand their messages but as you continue working on it, you will see that you can understand what they are talking about and giving to you.  Sometimes, you have to practice this by trial and error and see if you are hearing what you should be hearing.

Soon, this will come more naturally, and you will be able to connect with them faster.


Anytime you go into a new room or new people come into your space, close your eyes and connect with your environment.  You need to train your brain and your mind to understand the different energies and not to run from them.

If you have someone that is always having a bad day, and if they have a bad attitude, you have to understand what is going on with them.  Also, if someone in your life always has a good day, understand what they are going through so that you can understand their compassion and gentleness.

Find the energies in the atmosphere and figure out how the energies reveal themselves to you.  Let them into your space and let the meaning follow.

You will receive messages from your spirit guides, and you will have a calm mind.  There might be some energy that seems strange, but this is all part of learning.  Watch for signs and pay attention.

The spirit guides will come and will help to influence your life and will notice things that are important to you.  Look at advertising and billboards and see if you see things that get you excited that your spirit guides are telling you.  You can even ask where you left something important to you.


All energies have vibrations and they are like waves of light.  When air expands, it can be energy that is part of the environment.  Waves of heat energy from a thunderstorm are similar to what you might feel inside of you when you are talking to your spirit guides.

Psychics can tune into this energy and will have vibrations that will tell you about what you are feeling.  When you want to connect with another spirit, you will need to have higher vibrations so that you can reach their vibrational energy.

There are ways to raise your vibrations and you can do this by drinking water and by eating healthy foods.  You can meditate and increase your vibrations and your energy and listen to music that is good.  If you are happy and thankful, you can increase your vibrations and you can improve your behaviors and that will also increase your vibrations.


One of the best ways to increase your skills is to exercise and realize how your skills increase and what they show you.

People that play music will know when something is flat or sharp and when you practice your gifts, you will be able to tell when your energies are right and when you are hearing from your spirit guides.

Find pictures of people and try to get information from their picture that you haven’t read about.  Ask your spirit guide to show you things about them.  Then, look them up and see if you are right.

Try to find ingredients and put them in your hand and see if you can taste them before you put them in your mouth.  Recall what they taste like and see if you can make a yummy mixture out of them.

Close your eyes and put your hand over your phone and see if you can figure out what your phone is saying and who will call.  Test yourself and don’t give up.

No goal is too hard to reach when you practice, and you follow these exercises.  See if you can increase your energies and bring about positive energies in your life.