Zodiac Compatibility

Zodiac Compatibility

Zodiac CompatibilityIf you have ever been crazy in love, you obviously have chemistry.  Having infatuation is fun but it usually goes away.  Lasting love happens when you and your partner understand each other, and they are inspired by each other’s strength’s and failures.  When you find someone that works well with you, you will make each other shine.

You will be comfortable with each other and you will love their small quirks and the weird things they do.  Having a partner that makes you happy means it is written in the stars.  According to astrology, this is true.

There are many different ways that astrologers calculate the compatibility between people.  They will look at midpoints, progressions and will find the best matches for people.  This can be time consuming and can be hard but based on the sun sign, it can work.

The sun sign is figure out by when you were born, and it is what your personality is.  The techniques that are used are based on elements and you always match better with fire, earth, water or air signs.  You can also consider a sign that is opposite of each other and these couples are sometimes strange.  These pairs can make good teams, but the stars can also help you not to end up in a bad relationship.

People that don’t work together can have insecure relationships that are toxic.  There is no way that you can really pick one trick to know if your signs match, but you can use the signs to help you make decisions before you go out on a date.

Love is scary but powerful and it can be used with the stars to help you find the right partner.  This partner can bring you love, trust and happiness.


The Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and is known to have a lot of energy and to be impulsive.  The Aries wants to be the best and will be like a warrior.  When they have a bad day, they will have a bad temper and will be hard to deal with.

Leo and Sagittarius do not mind dealing with the Aries because they have determination and are enthusiastic and this can help grow passions and bring about creative energy.

Cancer and Capricorns will have a hard time being around Aries because of their energy and Aries will be bored of these signs.  If an Aries is coupled with a crab or a goat, they will learn to slow down and appreciate a different side of life.


Tauruses are an earth sign that is practical and romantic.  They love life and see the finer things of life such as good smells and small things.  They love sweets and they work well with Virgo and Capricorn because they help to admire life and the luxuries that life gives.

The opposite of a Taurus is a Scorpio and they would be a weird match because they are both inverted, and they would learn big lessons if they got together.

The Taurus is represented by a bull because they are stubborn, and they will lock horns with other signs like Leo and Aquarians.  None of the signs like to give in so this can always be a wrestling match.


Dating a Gemini can be a great experience, and this is because they always want to be talking and communicating and having adventures.  These signs love nature and have a desire to wander.  They are fun and loving.

Gemini’s have energy but they are sensitive and when they are with a Pisces or a Virgo, they will have even more compassion and will meet their partner’s needs.


Cancer Is a sign by the moon and is a water sign.  It is a sensitive creator and has a hard time with trust and being vulnerable.  Other water signs like the Pisces and Scorpio will make a good partner with the Cancer because they have strong psychic abilities and can communicate without talking.

They are a less emotional sign, but they work hard and appreciate other people’s sensitivity.  Cancers do not like confrontation, and they want to go away when things get hard.  Aries and Libra do not like Cancer’s passive aggressiveness and if they match with each other it will be a hard relationship.  Cancers need to be able to solve conflict if they date a Libra or an Aries.


Leos never forget that they are in charge and they are strong.  They are passionate and creative.  Leo is ruled by the sun and shines bright.  Leos like signs that are like minded and their opposite is the Aquarius.  When an Aquarius and Leo get together, they have a good check and balance.

Leo’s hate to admit that they are proud and egotistical.  The Scorpio and Taurus find the Leo to be offensive and stubborn and they feel their motives are self-centered.


Virgo is an earth sign and is very smart.  They are ruled by the planet Mercury and are always getting information and being logical.  Virgos like to make lists and are stable and they enjoy the Taurus and Capricorn.

Virgo is analytical and powerful, and they love to be helpful and practice.  They sometimes work well with a Pisces that is a healer of emotions.

A Virgo wants to be perfect and they should not date a Gemini or a Sagittarius because of their neurotic ways.


Libras are part of the zodiac that mean charming and are an air sign.  They love artwork and wine and they love shopping and getting nice things.  Gemini and Aquarius love the Libra and they love their culture and refined taste.  They are a good match.

Libras like to be in pairs and so they make a good partner for an Aries.  They are good at balancing because Libras are worried about their social class and can come across as cold.  When matched with a Cancer or Capricorn, they have to show they are dedicated to them.


The Scorpio is one of the strongest signs in the zodiac.  They are a water sign and they use intuition to make sure they have goals and dedication.  Scorpios are great lovers and are very intense.  Pisces and Cancer love the energy of the Scorpio because they are so smart and have magnetic energy.

Scorpio’s love having sex and are satisfied by the Taurus which is their opposite sign.  When paired with a Taurus, the Scorpio can have amazing sex.

Scorpio’s move in the dark and can be manipulative and sneaky.  Leo’s and Aquarians cannot get along with them because they are invasive, and they cannot hide their motives.


Sagittarius is an archer and loves adventure.  They are a fire sign and tend to be smart and funny.  They have a like mind with Aries and Leo and they work well together.  They are passionate and love to be with a fun partner.  The Gemini is an opposite sign but can make a good match because they love to live their life to the fullest.

Sagittarius always chases its arrows and can be fickle and not know what they want.  If they hook up with Virgo or Pisces, this will allow them to be treated like a partner.  They would need to apologize when feelings are hurt, even if it wasn’t their fault.


Capricorn’s work hard and want security.  They want to create a life for themselves and they want to be with the Taurus and Virgo.  They are determined to be stable and they have a similar personality as the Capricorn and the Taurus.

The Capricorn might like having an opposite sign like Cancer because they both have the same views and sometimes want to be secluded.

Capricorn’s can make the Aries and Libra frustrated because of their personality and their nature.  When they date, they have to remember that they are lovers and not their co-workers.


Aquarians are humanitarians and they are motivated by working to make the world a better place.  They work best with air signs such as Gemini and Libra.  They appreciate each other’s energy.  They are lighthearted and make a great duo.

Leo and Aquarius can make a surprising couple because they have strong personalities.  Aquarian believes that things should be right and believe in morals.  They are put off by Taurus and Scorpio because they are more tolerant and have different views of the world.


The Pisces have a sweet personality and they are a water sign and use a lot of nonverbal cues.  They like Cancer’s and Scorpios because they are like minded and are equal in their emotions.

Pisces can work well with a Virgo, who is the opposite sign because they can work with their kindness and the support they give.

Pisces can get hurt easily and don’t work well with the Gemini and Sagittarius.  They can be frustrated with them easily and can get their feelings hurt and want to swim away.  Pisces needs to remember not to take things personally if they get with a Gemini or Sagittarius.