Cresent Moon: Spiritual Meanings

Cresent Moon

The crescent moon that both waxes and wanes creates two distinct paths to deepen your moon practice. The phases of the moon offer an easily accessible way to connect with the rhythms and nature of the moon. Creating your own moon practice can help guide you through the changing cycles that already exist in and around you in life. While the full and new moon are common starting points, the crescent moon brings a spiritual meaning that can amplify the already present power that exists.

The crescent moon is iconic and the waxing and waning occurs before or after the new moon to invite in spiritual meaning. At the core, the new moon brings energy for intention setting, connecting to dreams, and initiating action. The crescent moon that occurs represents what needs to happen on the sides of committing to your intention and purpose at the deepest levels.

Waxing Crescent Meaning

With the new moon considered the beginning of the lunar cycle, you can apply the metaphor of the breath to the moon’s cycles. The new moon is that pause just before inhalation and a potent time to ground into the truth you want created in your life. If you hope to live with abundance, plant those seeds of intention with the new moon. The same is true if you want to feel freer in your body. This is the time to create those sensations and images in your mind and body, when the moon is dark.

The waxing crescent moon provides guidance as the reflection of the sun creates a sliver of light across the moon’s surface. Gazing up you can be reminded to fan the flames of your dreams and intentions that were brought into awareness during the new moon. This is an ideal time to connect more deeply by repeating your affirmations clearly and with conviction. Know and feel they are true. Watch as the sliver grows a bit more each evening and imagine you are bringing your intention into the world in the same manner. This is through your connection to the spirit, universe, and everything else as you breathe life into your dreams.

Waning Cresent Meaning

On the other end of the lunar cycle is the full moon that can be equated with the pause at the end of an inhale. You sit in fullness, take in deep rooted blessings, hold onto gratitude, and feel the expansion and grace of all that exists. As the moon continues to orbit and the sun’s reflection starts to slip away a bit at a time, the reflection again takes on a crescent shape, but this time the spiritual meaning is release. Let go of those things that are no longer serving your purpose so you have space to work toward your goals and dreams.

Harness the essence of the crescent by being intentional and truly taking notice of the waxing and waning phases. Include these aspects in your moon practice and focus on the subtle nuances of how they affect your deepest desires as each comes to life and fulfills your purpose.