How to Cleanse without Smudging

How to Cleanse without Smudging

When you want to cleanse the energy in your home or your office, you can do this without smudging. You can purify your home and get rid of the negative energies that come to your home and allow new and positive energy to replace it.

There are many different practices that people can do and have done in ancient times in order to cleanse their homes but the most popular way in America is by smudging.

Smudging means to take herbs and burn them and some of the most popular ones include:

  • Cedar
  • Sage
  • Sweetgrass

There are other herbs that can be used, and these ones have great properties that can help to cleanse your area fast.

The things are though, some people do not like smudging because they think it is too hard or they just don’t like how the herbs smell as they burn. There are different things you can do to cleanse your home and here are some different ways:

Tips to Cleansing Your Home without Smudging

The first thing that you can do is to grow some Rosemary. You can do this almost anywhere in your home and it is very easy.

Rosemary is known to help to get rid of negativity in your home and your body. It allows your energy to be stronger and is good for almost any occasion that you have.


The next idea is to use Juniper to cleanse your home. Juniper is a tree that has berries that are small and blue. When you burn Juniper, it can keep away thieves and allow your area to be peaceful.


One popular scent is Lavendar. This is a plant that can be grown right in your home or you can use the scent in many different forms. This is a plant that is good to get rid of spells that have been cast on you or to cleanse your home.

If you burn Lavendar, it will release a smell that can calm you. Lavendar can also help to get rid of trauma and grief and allow you to make it through depressive times. If you need peace in your home or your life, use Lavendar to help you and protect you.


Cedar is another powerful thing that you can burn. This is a plant that is thought to give you power and strength.

According to many, Cedar can get rid of negative energy and evil sprites that try to come into your home. Cedar is also known to help people to manifest money and love in their lives.

Bay Leaves

One great herb is bay leaves. This is something that is used in many spell casting ingredient lists. This is considered a very good spell casting tool and can be used in potions.

You can use bay leaves to smoke cleanse your home and it can get rid of evil spirits and negativity out of your life. This is also thought to bring on lucid dreaming and visions. Bay leaves are also known to get rid of stress.