How to Use Moon Phases to Manifest

Moon Phases to Manifest

The moon has always fascinated people. Many included the moon or its phases in their religious rites or yearly festival calendars. The moon controls the tides and affects weather, so it is a powerful force.

Its phases can affect everything on earth and understanding how its phases can impact our world can make people much more effective in their ability to manifest what they desire.

Praying certain things or planning events around the various phases of the moon can help energize your life and clear negative energies.

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is using your mental and vibrational power to connect to the Universe and God to ask for certain things to happen. Some believe visualizing events will draw those things to you for them to occur.

This can be used for drawing finances, romance, or other things for you. The idea of using the moon to manifest is to align your manifesting goals with the timing of the moon. That way, you are agreeing with the universe and going with the flow of planetary alignments rather than going against them.

Here is a summary of how the Moon’s phases can be used for manifestation:

  • The New Moon – Prepare Goals

A New Moon is a signal of a new start. It is when it is a slender piece of a crescent in the sky. Just as the moon signals a new month, you should prepare what new things you wish to pursue.

  • Waxing Moon – the Start of Increase

This phase of the moon is a clear crescent and has traditionally been used as a signal to plant seeds. For you, that means it’s the right time to start pursuing things like your career and finances. You have until the Full Moon to establish your increase

  • First Quarter – Time for Love

This means the moon is 25 percent through the lunar cycle and shows exactly half in the night sky. A First Quarter Moon is the perfect time for pursuing love, healing, and luck in your manifestations.

  • Waxing Gibbous – Look Inside

Many people may not know the term Waxing Gibbous, but it is when the moon is about three-quarters lit as it proceeds through its lunar cycle. This means it’s the right time for prayer, stillness, and introspection. That makes it a good time to review what you have done so far and how to improve in all aspects.

  • Full Moon – Use Your Power

This is when the moon is at its most powerful both in how it affects the earth and our lives. This is the time to manifest your desires!

  • Waning Gibbous – Clear Out Energies

As the moon begins to shrink, it’s the perfect time to clear your life and emotions of negative energies and influences. This is the time to purify yourself and release anything negative that is holding you back.

  • Third Quarter – Go Legal

As the moon is half-lit and 75 percent through the lunar cycle, you should pursue and activities involving legal aspects of the courts. It is also a time for rest and to regain strength.

  • Waning Crescent – Reflection

The moon is returning to the sliver. The sun and moon will eventually rise again simultaneously to restart the cycle. As the moon cycle ends, you should meditate on how to better yourself and the world.

Some may not hold to the belief the moon can help in manifestation but the idea of a cycle for how you think and what you think about is a valid one. It can be effective in keeping negative energies at bay as well as identifying your inner desires, how to achieve them and how you can be a better you.