Why Do Souls Do with Unfinished Business

Why Do Souls Do with Unfinished Business

Death can wreak havoc with the those left behind.  Often the bereaved seek out the assistance of a medium in order to find confidence their loved one is happy and vibrant in the spirit realm, or just to say “I love you” once last time.  However, at times a soul crosses over before all their earthly business was finished, and thus complications ensue.

Why is business left unresolved?

Hollywood can paint a picture of an acutely sick person being told to “put their affairs in order.”  This may cause people to wonder how they would act if they were in that situation.  Would you be anxious about forgetting any crucial details or is there a lingering issue that still weighs heavy on your heart and spirit?

Some believe that a deceased being can’t fully cross over into the afterlife if there is unfinished business.  This can make some wonder if a person dies suddenly and something was left unsaid than that being can’t fully be at rest.  If this were true, there would be far more ghosts and hauntings than we currently experience.  Still, psychics can help souls resolve and unfinished business so they can progress in their soul’s journey.

Divine intervention

Some spirits carry with them a loaded secret they were unable to share during their life.  Now in ethereal form, they can observe their past without judgement or anxiety and thus are ready to unburden themselves.  For example, a loving (but anxious) mother contacted a psychic to heal a family wound that was lingering after her death:

A young woman, Kelly, visited me sharing that she was adopted as an infant, but never knew her biological mother.  She even was unaware for most of her life that she was adopted as the family feared that Kelly would leave them in order to discover her biological family.  Over the years, the biological mother tried to contact the family, but the adoptive mother hid the messages and died never telling her beloved daughter.

Following her death, Sue could see her actions clearly and wanted to atone for her mistake.  Sue realized Kelly was living thinking she was an only child, when in actuality she had biological siblings.  Seeing the pain of her daughter, Sue knew she had to react out somehow.  From the spirit realm, Sue sent signs to Kelly in the form of commercials, feelings and thoughts for her to “join 23andMe.”

Kelly never knew much about the family she grew up with and after seeing frequent ads decided to sign-up with the site.  As fate would have it, that exact week her long lost biological sister was doing the same!  Kelly discovered that not only was adopted, but had a sister.  Freaked out, but joyful, Kelly visited the psychic to make sense of the situation.  Immediately Sue came through!

Sue apologized for holding onto the secret and confirmed she facilitated the reunion between the sisters.  She asked Kelly to forgive her and after Kelly tearfully did, Sue was finally able to experience divine peace knowing she was able to make things right.

Maintaining open communication with spirits

If you feel unsettled by something left unsaid to a deceased love one, or have pressing concerns, it’s never too late.  You can connect with spiritual being in an array of ways and its power to feel their presence is transformational.