Why Do You Have Empathy Fatigue?

Why Do You Have Empathy Fatigue?

Most people are tired and drained most of their lives.  There is always so much going on such as home life, working, being sociable and doing all of these things can put a strain on use.  We don’t get enough sleep and we don’t get enough free time throughout our days.

When you are an intuitive, this can be even worse.  You will experience so many highs and lows throughout the day and this comes with energy coming and going through your life.  You will have your vibrations getting lower and then it can cause you to crash.  When you are in one of the categories of an empath, you will know that this can be psychic exhaustion that you are feeling.

This is a word that is beyond tired.  This is exhaustion, drained, depleted.  This is where your brain will not even be able to think anymore because you just want to sit around and rest.  This is a time when you become emotionally and physically drained.

So Tired

Empath’s are always tired because they use more energy than other people do.  Their energies are always being tapped into and some of the times, negative energies attach to them.

When you are an empath, you have strong and heavy emotions.  These emotions come from people and areas around them.  Even when you don’t mean to, when you are an empath, you pick it all up.

When you feel the emotions of other people, you are opening up your energy reservoir to them.  You will take on other people’s energies to help them heal and when you do this, you will become tired and sick yourself.

Being an empath takes a lot of work and energy and you have to learn to protect yourself.  When you have days that are off or you are very tired, you need to learn to clear off this negative energy form your life.  You need to sit down and figure out why you are always drained.

You need to know that your energies are always connecting with others and this causes the human body to work harder.  The body is not used to working with these energies.  An empath uses energies differently than other people and that is why sometimes, even with a caffeine overload, that you will still feel tired.

When you give readings and are connecting with people for a long period of time, you will start off strong and then you will become very tired.  This happens to people that are empath’s but all the time.  You have to learn to adjust your schedule in order to manage your energies.

Helping Your Energy Levels

In order to help your energy levels, there are some things you can do:

  • Stop using a lot of caffeine.
  • Stay balanced.
  • Ground your energy and refill the energy in your body.
  • Protect your energy from negativity.
  • Put up boundaries with people and in the spirit world.
  • Love yourself.
  • Take breaks.
  • Know you have limits.
  • Fill yourself up through meditation.
  • Balance your chakras.


Empaths are tired more because they have more energies that are being used up on a day to day and minute to minute basis.  Learn to replenish your energies so you do not become drained and overly tired.