Twin Flame Relationships

Twin Flame Relationships

Some of the strongest relationships in life are the twin flame relationships.  They increase all the time.  Sometimes, people are not even dating for power or for religious purposes, but now, they are out to meet people who they like and find different possibilities online, in person, at the bar or wherever they are out.  They are given the freedom to meet new people and to find ones that attract them each day.

This freedom has caused people to grow both physically and mentally and even spiritually and has allowed people to connect with their twin souls.  What is interesting about the twin flame relationship is that it has the ability to change lives and the ability to transform who we are as people.

Since there is power in the twin flame relationship, it can be worshipped but this is a misguided way of finding a false idol.  The truth is that even though twin flames are sent from the universe, they are intense and can be painful.

Wrong Ideas about Twin Flames

When you pray for a soulmate, you want to have this relationship, but the truth is that things are changing.  We have to understand that soulmates are not always romantic ties and can be friendships or family members that are kindred souls.  These can happen in relationship but only a twin flame relationship is unconditional love and forever binding.

Even though everyone would like a twin flame relationship, this is one relationship that may or may not happen in our lifetime.

The soulmate is the bridge between your two selves and the goal of the twin flame is to connect with the other half of your soul that has been separated.  They bring you wholeness and harmony in yourself and the journey is not like a meeting, but it is where two people mirror each other and create divine harmony.  This does not mean the relationship is easy and most twin flame relationships are hard.

Myth 1:  They Complete You

The truth is that your twin flame does not complete you, but they do help you to be a better you.  They come to you and they teach your life lessons and help you to find what you are lacking such as compassion and love.  They will show you y our wounds and condition you and teach you to be changed.  They will show the truth of who you are.

Myth 2:  They are Opposite Sex of You

Your twin flame might be the same gender as you because your twin flame might cause you to question your sexuality.

Myth 3:  They are Just Like You

The truth is that your twin flame will be opposite of you.  You will have many similarities with them, but you will also have differences.  You might be an extrovert and they might be an introvert.  There will be things about them that will bring your strengths and weaknesses to life and this happens when you are with someone that is different than you are.

Myth 4:  They Come at the Perfect Time

The truth is that your twin flame will come at the worse time in your life.  They will come when you are struggling or when you are married.  They might find that they need to connect you when you are going through a crisis.

Myth 5:  You Will Know Your Twin Flame Immediately

You will not always know your twin flame right away.  Everyone is at a different level in life and depending on how mature your soul is will depend on if you know your twin flame right away or not.  You will see that there are differences between you and them and when you meet your twin flame it might be hard to recognize them.

It is easier to recognize your twin flame when they are your romantic lover, but this can be frustrating and bring forth a lot of pain.

Myth 6:  They Keep You Happy

There are no perfect relationships that are in complete harmony and this includes your twin flame relationship.  Even if you end up happy and finding unconditional love, the relationship will take time to work through and will take time to understand.  They will be riddled with arguments and pain and there will be a strong sense of urgency to leave sometimes.  You will see their flaws and they will bring out your flaws.

This will all be dealt with and eventually healed, but it is a hard road.

The tricky things are that our twin flames will know what buttons to push and what to say in order to provoke us to be angry and to be upset.  Both partners will need to work on who they are so that they can realize their desires for each other.

Myth 7:  You’ll Be Ready for Them

This is another myth and the truth are that your twin flame does not always come when you want them to or when you are in the right place in life.  You can see religious differences and realize that there is a connection but maybe you aren’t ready for it.

You will be active in your life and it will be common for the twin flame relationship to come forth at a hard time and you will see that sometimes they will have to leave and come back at a later time in our life when you are both ready.