You Shouldn’t Ask Your Tarot Reader the Following 10 Things


Are you aware of the questions that you shouldn’t ask your Tarot reader?

Helping people and guiding them to make it in life makes me feel like my existence has a purpose. Therefore am always curious to hear what my clients have to say. I am eager to get started since we are both going to learn a lot. Then they ask something that makes me cringe.

Do not ask your psychic reader the following questions save yourselves from pressure and avoid them:

  1. Will I win the lottery?

Winning a lottery depends on a lot of things. I can guide you on when to try but I cannot give you the exact values.  If I were able to pick winning numbers then I myself would be a millionaire having a good time on the beach after retiring.

  1. When will I get married?

This might look like an innocent question. But it assumes that you’re going to get married later in life but in any case, you don’t you might put the blame on me which is not healthy.

Secondly, if I tell you the day you’ll get married you’re more likely to pay attention to it and forget other things that you need to do. You should, therefore, pay attention to the state of your current relationship and the stumbling blocks that may come its way.  Marriage is not an accomplishment of all circumstances but even relationships that have no pressure and obstacles are the best.

  1. I’ll accept whatever the cards will say. I don’t have any question

Saying that you don’t have any question to me means that you’re just taking me for a ride and won’t believe anything I say. This is the worst question ever. It might be maybe you don’t know what to ask but the more you generalize those questions the more I’ll be able to give a general answer. If you have any question, it’s better to ask for you to understand. It will be a win-win situation.

  1. Will my mother/brother/ aunt get healed from cancer?

Do not ask questions about any illness in particular. Am not a medical specialist and I did not take any course in medicine. I do want to assume am a goddess so I don’t want to act like I am. Engaging a specialist is essential. Nevertheless, I can only guide on how you can lend a helping hand to that person to quicken their recovery.

  1. When will I die?

This is one of the questions I usually don’t answer at all. You should be positive about life and believe that you need to enjoy it and is not a race to the grave. I want to die knowing that I enjoyed life to the fullest and not that somebody prophesized about it.

  1. Am I Expectant?

Go back to question 4 for this type of question. I am not a medical specialist, therefore, I cannot tell you anything about this. If you have a feeling you might be pregnant you can buy a test kit or visit a doctor.

  1. Should I accept a job offer?

It’s you to make a choice whether you want a particular job or not, therefore, I can’t tell you what the best choice is for you but I can guide you through what you need to do to get that position. It’s you now to see if they fit in your way of life and ethics. You are free to do anything you want therefore controlling you will mean that have taken that free will from you.

  1. Will I win this court case?

Just like I am not a medical specialist I don’t also specialize on matters law. Therefore I am very certain that I am not the person to be advising you on legal matters. But what I can help you with is to know what to do to get out of the situation you are in.

  1. Does XYZ hate me?

Those who ask this question usually put blame on other people rather than dealing with the situation the way it is. Dealing with negative questions has a way of painting the reading with a bad picture. You can, however, ask yourselves questions such “what do I need to make my relationship better?”

  1. Will my lover leave his wife?

This is a very wrong question to ask. Coz first, this is like you’re asking me to invade a person’s privacy and have a reading for them without their consent and it’s also violating my working ethics.

Secondly, do you have to stay with someone who doesn’t value commitment and who does not know how to deal with matters in a very mature way?

“Once a cheater, always a cheater” my mother once told me. This statement is definitely true. If they can cheat on the person they are with at the moment what makes you think they won’t cheat on you? I, however, won’t judge you if you tell me you’re intimately involved with a married man/woman but will request you to contemplate about your personal values if you want to find a healthy relationship.