How to tell if a psychic is real or a con artist?

psychic is real or a con artist

psychic is real or a con artistThere are tons of Psychic Reading websites these days, all of them are offering the same services for the same fee, $1 per 1 minute reading.  But, how to tell if a Clairvoyant, a Medium or a Psychic is genuine or is in fact a con artist?

Psychic readers almost look the same. Most of them look like your grandmother and most of them really believe in their gifts.  I doubt that any psychic reader may take that profession without having some sort of psychic experience. But, which one to pick? That’s the question that should be asked.

I believe that most of psychics are nothing more able to see what the person like, read the way they react, and moreover, psychic reader makes you hear what you want to hear about yourself. A psychic know that you are here for excitement, so they tell something interesting about yourself.

How to address the fraud   

Fraudsters will try to get as much money out of you as possible. All they want to do is to convince you that they are telling you the truth. They will be fishing for information. So, they will ask you for some information, and then through it back later in the conversation. They will look uncomfortable, they will give you sidelong glances for example.

The real genuine psychic

psychic is real or a con artistReal psychic will not ask you so many questions. They will have a smile of confidence on their faces and this smile is not hard to see.

They will only concentrate on reading the Tarot cards or the palm of your hand. They won’t concentrate on you or your face. They will tell you true things happened in the past such as illness, divorce, death, or even court cases. However, whenever they make a mistake they will admit it and apologize.

If the psychic is doing a future reading, they will tell you what they see and if you totally disagree, they will simply respond with a simple response like (well, that’s all I can see). I t may seem weird to you, but a real psychic will not be afraid of your reaction because they tell you what they see. Once you have got over the initial suspension, you will see that everything you have been told it true or near to the truth.

How to act for a reading

Don’t give the psychic any information about your past, your address, or your age. Just stay blank and don’t do anything, don’t move, don’t smile, or even scratch your nose. The con artists are clever, they can read your body language and they can read you. And, when the psychic says anything right about you just nod your head and say yes.

This way, you will be able to know the genuine from the fraud. And remember that the most important thing when you sit for a psychic reading is to stay blank without any expressions or body languages.

And the most importantly, never take it seriously. No one can read the future, we just do our best to let you see your choices to pick your right path. Happy reading and good luck!