3 Key Way to Purify Your Energy

3 Key Way to Purify Your Energy

Everything is energy and each interaction we have affects our levels.  Whether it is playing with our pets, interacting with a relationship, listening to music or even reading a book, energy shapes how we experience each day.  What energy we put out impacts the energy we receive.  Typically, energy follows the laws of attraction, where like begets like.  However, when we experience an energy clash, its impacts can be severe and leave us feeling drained.

Energy can be interconnected.  Recently, a study showed that when one romantic partner is stressed, their lover’s blood pressure increases simultaneously.  Therefore, ensuring optimal energy is not just beneficial for you, but those that you love as well.  It can be tricky to safeguard your energy fields.  We don’t even have to vocalize how we are feeling at any moment, it can merely be sensed.  If you are worried about negative energy can affect you, there are a few tips you can do today to ensure you aren’t overwhelmed by negativity.

  1. Promote Light in Your Life

If you are finding yourself trap in a negativity vortex try to get outside.  Getting some natural light can help you take some deeper breaths and see things from a new angle.  If you can’t get outside, consider lighting a candle and using the flame as a grounding center for meditation.  You might also choose to cleanse your energy with the aid of a sage smudging stick.  When you light and then extinguish the flame, the resulting smoke can be used to purify your energy fields.  For maximum results, consider using a mantra or positive affirmation, to ground your intentions.

  1. Experiment with Emotional Freedom Technique

Negative emotions and energy can take a toll on your physical body.  To help re-balance yourself, try the tapping used in Emotional Freedom Technique.  Tapping on energy meridians will help you ease tension, and rewrite negative patterns into more beneficial ones while allowing your energy field to balance itself out.

  1. Step Away

If you are getting overwhelmed by negative energy the best remedy is to walk away from the situation and take a break.  Go outside and talk a walk in fresh air, enjoy a luxurious shower or bubble bath, journal, draw or release your feelings to the wind.  If its difficult to physically detach yourself, then step away mentally.  Begin by taking a few deep, diaphragmatic breaths and exhale your woes.  Consider a grounding mantra like the following “When I breathe in, I breath in love, when I breathe out, I breathe out peace.”

Always remember to be cognoscente of the energy you are transmitting and receiving.  It is important to your well being that you protect yourself and ensure you are promoting peace, love and light to those you encounter.  As you gain control with your energy regulation, you will feel more in control of your life and experience more sensations of peace and contentment.