Healing Yourself Spiritually

Healing Yourself Spiritually

Healing Yourself SpirituallySome problems can only be fixed with spiritual healing.  Do you have a problem relationship and you feel that you are doing everything you can to fix it?  Have you ever felt that there is more in life for you, but you can’t seem to make it to the next step of your journey?

Do you ever feel tired and resentful, for no reason, and you are angry because you aren’t getting the rest and sleep that you need?

If you feel these things, chances are that you need to do a spiritual healing.

Spiritual Healing

A spiritual healing is based on everything around you, nature, people, the spirit guides, the universe, just everything.

We are made up of all kinds of energy that the universe gives us, and this energy enters into your body and your soul.  Your aura helps you to store this energy and helps to protect you from the negative energies that build up around you.

The energy that is around your aura reflects what you are feeling both physically and emotionally.  This is the energy that can affect your life in some way or another.

The energies that you have will impact you in some way and you have to be careful with the energies that fill your body.  These energies can be negative and can cause you problems in your physical and emotional life.


There are some conditions that you might see in your life and that means that it is time for a spiritual healing.

Relationship Problems

If you feel that you are struggling in your relationships or if you have had a lot of breakups lately, chances are your emotions are damaged.

You might always be walking around angry or sad or frustrated with your life.  You might feel guilt and fear about other relationships and be afraid of letting your heart go.  Not only because you are afraid of them failing but because you know that in your state that you can’t handle much more negative energy.

When you have been in broken relationships, you need to allow yourself to heal and work through the negative emotions that you have had.  You can bring healing into your life and take your emotions to a higher level.

When you start to see relationships suffering from negative energies, you will see that there are more and more problems.  You will see that there is a lot of emotions and baggage that is coming inside of the relationships.

When humans are reborn, they carry the baggage from their past and each of their past life relationships can suffer from this.

Each of these relationships can lead you to a different problem and the experiences play a huge role in what you believe and what kind of emotions come to the surface.

Some relationships are karmic relationships, and some are soulmate relationships and these can leave you negative energy when they do not work out. Soulmate relationships can be romantic and can be part of your past life experiences and there needs to be things that are resolved to avoid there being left over negative energies in your future.

Spiritual cleansing can help to get rid of the negative energies that all of these relationships have left you so that you can begin again without being weighed down by pain and anxiety.


Just like having relational problems, financial problems can come from negative energy that is in your life.

Negative energy can make it hard for you to make good financial decisions and can make you experience poverty and other financial hardships.

Dark Energy

When you have negative energy, it can fill the workplace or where you live.  There are some energies that can follow you around and can connect to your soul.  This can be places where people have experienced suffering.  These dark energies can attach to you.

Feeling Heavy

There are many reasons why you might feel heavy energy around you and some of it is because of the negative energy that is connected to you.

When this happens, there are dangers and there are times when this negative energy can cause you to be attacked physically.

Most of the time, negative energy does not come from people but sometimes people can send this energy towards you and you have to have a psychic to intervene on your behalf.

Healing at Home

There are different healings that you can do at home and most of the time people have some of the things right in their home.

Salt Bath

Salt water is used for spiritual healing and can help to take away negative energies from your body.  When you have an illness that you cannot explain or strong emotions of hate, this cleansing can help you to heal.

  • Get a large bucket of water and a cup of salt.
  • Fill the bucket with water and put your feet inside of it.
  • Let the salt dissolve.
  • Close your eyes and see the negative energy leaving.
  • Stay in the water for at least 10 minutes.
  • Open your eyes and dry your feet.
  • Throw away the water.

Do this at least once a week to get rid of negative energy and to cleanse yourself.

Psychic Healing

A psychic can help you to cleanse your energies if you need them to.  They can perform different rituals with you and on you so that they can clear your energy field.

When you do a reading, ask your psychic to do a cleansing of your energy with you and the cleansing can help to clear up your mind and emotions.