Healing with Colors

Healing with Colors

Colors are very powerful and have been used for healing, to change moods and for other things.  Even during Ancient Egyptian times, the Egyptians used colors to heal others.  Colors have been part of many cultures and are always around.  Chromotherapy is a way to use light therapy or colorology as a treatment of healing.

Some health organizations use colors to spread messages and to help people be aware.  They use purple to show attention to Alzheimer’s and pink with Breast Cancer awareness.  People will paint rooms in certain colors to be soothing and bright colors to bring in energies.  Colors are used for advertising and other things.


When you understand what each color means, you will understand that colors cause us to respond a certain way.


Red means passion and is full of energy and action.  Use red for romance.


Orange is for communication and being optimistic.  Use this in a meeting if you want to evoke open communication.


Yellow is a color that is cheerful and full of intellect.  Use this color to make your home happy.


Green shows us growth and calmness.  Use this in hospitals or in kids’ rooms to keep them calm.


Blue is a color that brings peace and trust.  Wear blue to look trustworthy.


Indigo is a shade of purple that means perception.  If you want to increase your psychic abilities, use this color.


Purple is a creative color.  If you want to see your creativity take off, paint your walls purple or wear it.


Silver is a color that increases your intuition.  This color relaxes your mood.


Pink is for love and use this in your bedroom to bring more love to your life.


Turquoise is meant to give you open communication.  Wear this color when you need to focus on a project.


Gold shows us success.  Wear this if you want to achieve success.


Colors affect both your mind and your body.  Your emotions play a big role depending on what colors you surround yourself with.  Each color has a power and you should add these to your life.