6 Rituals to Begin Manifesting Your Dreams Today

Manifesting Your Dreams Today

The Law of Attraction is crucial to helping us create the solution of our dreams.  We must ensure alignment with our subconscious thoughts, our actions, the image we portray to others, and innermost intentions.  However, if we don’t truly believe an outcome is possible for us than the Law of Attraction is not able to go to work for us.  If you need help manifesting your goals than try some of the rituals we have listed below.

The 2-cup method

Water is most conductive to moving energy.  When you impart your intentions to water it can help you accelerate the Law of Attraction.   For this ritual find two cups and place a post-it-note on each one.  One the first cup, write your current situation, and for the other write your goal.  Fill the first cup with water and then transfer all of the water into the second (future outcome) cup.  Finally, drink every drop of water from the second cup.  As you are drinking the water ensure your intention is clearly set to manifest this future outcome into your life.  Know that your future is comingling with your body, since human bodies are comprised of over 60% water.  Keep focused on your intent until all the water has been consumed and you place the empty cup on the table.  Now you can stop thinking about this situation until your goal manifests.

Flame of fate

Write your intentions on a piece of paper and place it folded underneath a new candle you are prepared to burn completely.  This involves using a distinct candle from the ones you might use daily for ambience.  In this ritual you are lighting it because once the candle burns out your intention is being sent to the Universe as a prayer.  It is essential your Flame of fate is place somewhere safe for it burn throughout the day and night until it naturally smolders.  If you feel you need additional safety precautions place the candle securely in a bowl of water, and place the bowl on top of the note of intention.  What is most important is that you never blow out the candle before it natural burns through.  When the candle is finished burning, you can forget about your issue knowing it is now in the hands of the Universe.


Sometimes it is best for our subconscious to do the hard work of facilitating a manifestation.  When our inner world isn’t ready for an action it will automatically create situations to repel or avoid actions that could help us reach our goal.  Using dreams to create visualizations help to reprogram our subconscious.  Select an image to focus on when you first wake up and the last thing you do prior to sleep so your brain can embed those pictures to your subconscious.  This is because you brain is transitioning from an Alpha/Beta state, to a Theta and then Delta state as it falls asleep.  Moving through these brain patterns quiets your ego and creates more flexibility in the brain.  Visualize all facets in the life you are working to create including all associated colors, sounds, smells, and feelings upon transitioning from sleep states to maximize your manifestation.

Mindful journaling

Writing is a powerful way of setting an intention and taking meaningful strides to achieving your goal.  The more you write about something the imprinting it into our inner world and reflection on the best actions to achieve our goals.

Pinterest boards

Pinterest steps up the hard work you have been doing with vision boards.  This free product frees you from the constraints of paying for crafting supplies or saving those old magazines.  As your vision changes you can add or remove pins.  You can even amplify the impact of your main Pinterest board by setting it as the wallpaper for your laptop!


Breath is life and as you breathe in a manifestation you are bolstering its life force.  Set an intention at the beginning of your breathwork session and make sure to fully release at the end.  After the session find the time to journal your experience and any insights you gained.  In particular take note of action steps ideas.  Often you will notice things you know you should be doing, but have been ignoring in your self-care routine.  It doesn’t matter how long you commit to this breathwork, even a few deep cleansing breaths in the morning are helpful.  Again, it is most important to focus on your intention!

With all the rituals we listed, they are only as powerful as the person conducting them.  Ensure you align your mind, actions, and energy with what is most important to you in this morning.  Success will quickly be on it way to you when you mindfully wield these tools to maximize spiritual and goal alignment while also remembering to have fun doing them!