Recharge Your Spiritual Battery Today

Recharge Your Spiritual Battery Today

Have you been feeling a type of exhaustion that no physical sleep can remedy?  Perhaps it is time for you to refine your self-care routine to make sure you can optimally energize your mind, body, and spirit.  Here are a few helpful tips to recharge your spiritual battery.

Get physical:  Having an established fitness routine can provide overall wellness and reduce stress.  Find ways of incorporating more movement into your days, even if it’s just a walk during your lunch break.  Think of the physical motion as help you get spiritually and mental unstuck!

Take an Epsom salt bath:  Enjoying a warm Epsom salt bath can help pull out toxins from your body while helping to improve muscled function and circulation.  These baths are incredibly useful in reducing inflammation connected to a stressed-out body.

Exfoliate:  Select a good smelling exfoliating scrub to improve circulation, especially those containing natural ingredients like oats or sea salt.  Gently rub the product onto your wet skin in circular motions and rinse off with warm water.  When you improve your circulation, you will notice a decrease in stress, sluggishness, and anxiety.

Eat healthier:  Your diet contributes greatly to your energy levels.  Nutritionists suggests meals comprises of complex carbohydrates like whole grains or starchy vegetables, mixed with lean proteins and healthy fats.  If you schedule is busy, consider using one of your weekend deals to prep a week’s worth of healthy meals that you can easily reheat.

Stretch it out:  A fatigued body is more apt to get injured than one that is calm and healthy.  If you are busy, find five minutes each day to gentle stretch your muscles.  If you have a bit more time, consider attending a yoga or Pilates class at least once or twice a week.

Aromatherapy:  Scents like lavender and sage are beneficial to helping your brain enter a more relaxes state.  Blend your essential oils with a carrier oil that you can massage directly onto your body, or mist with a diffuser.

Sleep on it:  Sleep is crucial to a healthy mind and body.  Doctors suggest adults receive seven to nine hours of sleep each night.  People who chronically sleep less than six hours are at greater risk for health complications.  To maximize your chances of a solid night’s rest, establish a sleep pattern by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day and use your bedroom only for sleep and physical intimacy.

Take a break:  Just like sleep, you body requires periods of rest.  If you are low on energy, consider trying to take an hour or so nap to help recharge your physical battery.

Make the list:  If you want to help improve your mindset, creating a list of accomplishments is a great way to start.  Seeing all the wonderful things you have done can prove much needed inspiration, motivation, and energy to tackle the next goal.

Forgive:  There is no benefit to holding on to past transgressions.  Honor where you are now and focus on things you can do today to make a brighter tomorrow.

Have fun:  When the world is getting you down, get out the house and connect with old friends or explore a new spot.  Creating positive memories will help to boost your mindset.

Reduce negative influences:  If something or someone is bringing you down, it’s ok to take a break.  You can only be a benefit to a person or situation if you are in a healthy mindset.

Connect with loved ones:  Focus on spending time with people that uplift you.  This will help to create a ripple effect of positive energy to and around you.

Meditate or pray:  When you enter a meditative state, your brainwaves change for the better.  By creating a daily practice of mediation or prayer you can create much needed mental space to reground yourself and be able to see the tasks at hand for what they are.

Stop multitasking:  Jack of all trades, master of none.  When you multitask, you spread out your energies and can’t fully commit to one key area.  This can drain you of necessary energy and create a variety of missteps.  Consider creating a checklist to help you maintain focus and record your accomplishments.

Step back from social media:  People are seldom truthful online, instead trying to put out an idealize version of themselves.  This “fakebook” mindset can make people feel like they have to live up to unrealistic expectations and thus drain their energy.

Get creative:  Paint, draw, dance or sing.  Expressing yourself creatively in the moment can be a balm to stress out psyche.  Plus, you are having fun and living in the moment!

Journal:  Writing out your feelings is a great way of taking things out of your overtaxed mind.  Even five minutes of journaling can be a huge help and begin to help you sort out an array of problems you have been worrying about necessarily.

Causes of low energy

In some case you may have an underlying medical issue, but typically exhaustion is caused by a hectic lifestyle.  Does any of the follow resonate with you?

  • Unbalanced physical activity
  • Jetlag or confused circadian rhythms
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Medications like antihistamines or cough medicine
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Stress accumulation
  • Unresolved trauma
  • Excessive drug or alcohol usage

If you have tried out our tips above, but are still feeling chronic fatigue, it is important you consult a doctor.  That way they can check for any undiagnosed medical issue impacting your overall physical or mental health.