Using Spiritual Therapies to Heal Trauma

Spiritual Therapies

Trauma produces an endless series of toxic ripples that can take decades to recover from.  It is an overwhelming topic to discuss, and survivors often experience feelings of isolation, shame, and hopelessness.  As we understand the foundation of our trauma and receive the appropriate therapy, we can secure the proper tools to help ourselves fully heal.

Understanding trauma

Lately it seems like “trauma” has become an overused buzzword in the spiritual and self-help sectors.  Trauma is defined as “the result of one or more distressing event causing overwhelming amounts of stress, that exceed the person’s ability to cope or integrate the emotions involved, eventually leading to serious, long-term negative consequences.”

Trauma takes many forms including physical, emotional, mental, psychology, spiritual, and sexual.  Due to the diversity of causes people are best explore the array of trauma therapies to discover the one that best suits their particular pain.

Trauma from singular events like an accident, attack, or health crisis, and may be difficult to recover from if it occurred unexpectedly or during childhood.  Trauma may also result from prolonged exposure like chronic stress or health, living in unsafe households/neighborhoods, or prolonged bullying or abusive relationships.  It can be caused by overlooked events like surgery (especially prior to age 4), the sudden death of a loved one, toxic breakup of a major relationship, or humiliatingly cruel experience.  Severe emotional trauma produces permanent changes to the brain’s amygdala, which regulates emotional responses and may create an endless cycle of “fight/flight/freeze” reactions, depression, anxiety, and physical health issues.

Emotionally healing sexual trauma

You don’t have to have been sexually assault to feel the impacts of sexual trauma.  Trauma can permanently alter a person’s DNA, thus transmuting this trauma into the genetic code of future generations.  Likewise, we may be a support system for a person that experienced and processing the assault.  In the United States alone, every 98 seconds a person is sexually assaulted, and every 8 minutes that victim is under the age of 18.

Sexual trauma produces rippling pain that extends for years and into every facet of one’s life, including their relationships, health, and ability to function daily.  Unlike other crimes, sexual abuse creates feelings of profound guilt and shame, the lowest vibrating emotions, making it nearly impossible to create or experience peace and joy.  Sexual abuse robs people of their power, self-worth, and joy.  No matter the circumstances of one’s sexual abuse or carrying it in their DNA, you can use group healing to purge your trauma from your body, once and for all!

Healing trauma

What we heal in ourselves, we heal for our ancestors and progeny.  Moreover, we help to heal the world.  Currently, much of society’s ills can be attributes to the collective experience of trauma.  Thus, as we heal ourselves, we help to heal humanity.  Trauma is trapped in our physical body in the form of our cells and DNA, and it impacts our energy fields as well.  Trauma impedes us by creating fissures throughout every facet of our life.  As we heal our trauma, we can reclaim our authentic self and regain connection and harmony with ourselves, our communities, the Divine and the Universal collective.  As we release trauma, we rewrite our story into something more joyous, healthier, abundant, and interconnected.

Using Sacred Soul Alignment to heal trauma

Sacred Soul Alignment is a spiritual healing technique that produces intense transformation and healing within your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual fields.  Each alignment attunes you to a particular frequency or vibration.  This practice gives you the proper spiritual and practical tools to begin to release your trauma to reveal long hidden wounds and blockages.  You can use Sacred Soul Alignment on its own or in conjunction with other trauma therapies.  A Sacred Soul Alignment practitioner empowers you to listen to pure Divine wisdom to begin immediate work healing yourself from the inside out.  You can also practice Sacred Soul Alignment on your own to awaken your latent healing and nurturing skills to bring you closer to your Highest Self and the Divine, so you can efficiently channel healing energies and accurate messages for yourself and other that need healing.

Trauma is an overwhelmingly complex issue, but healing is possible.  No matter how you choose to heal your trauma, purging this lingering pain will change your life and improve the lives of everyone in the Universal community.