Are You a Selfish Person

Selfish Person

Some people don’t realize that they are selfish. Having behaviors that are selfish can mean that they don’t put others first and they only care about themselves. Being selfish can mean that you don’t worry about how your decisions affect others and you only deal with it when you have to face the consequences.

Selfishness and self-care are different, and you should practice self-care by making sure that you are taken care of. Selfishness means that you are insecure, controlling and you might have mental situations such as being a narcissist.

Are You Selfish?

When you aren’t able to compromise and you are manipulative, chances are that you are selfish. You might be selfish and not even realize it. Here are some signs:

  • It’s your way or no way: Being this way in a small way is okay but when everything has to be your way, you are probably selfish. If your partner makes a decision for both of you and you refuse to agree to it, it could mean you are selfish.
  • Controlling: You will never let your partner or other people have an opinion. If they make decisions, you are already against it. You want to control yourself and others.
  • You love to manipulate others to make things your way. You will manipulate your friends, family and even strangers. You might be a liar and you don’t care about how you make people feel. You might be self-absorbed, and you don’t care about the happiness of others.
  • You never apologize: People who are selfish never apologize. You call other people out if they are sensitive and you even have narcissistic traits. Apologizing when you hurt others should be the first thing that you do.
  • You aren’t giving: You want to focus on yourself and not worry about what anyone else has. You don’t put yourself in other people’s shoes and you only focus on how you feel.
  • The communication you give is negative. You have a hard time communicating with others and this can lead to emotional abuse.
  • You talk about others behind their back.
  • You don’t value the time of others. You don’t care about how people feel and what is going on. You don’t value others and you are only about yourself.

Selfish People

When you deal with someone that is selfish, you can never do enough for them. You can exhaust yourself trying to make them happy and it will never be enough. If you have a selfish partner, they won’t care what you do, and they will never try to give or change.

A person that never is thankful for what you do for them is selfish. One of the best decisions that you could make is to leave them and do what you can to please yourself.

Final Thoughts

Are you selfish? If you are and you have these signs, chances are that you need to change. Know that your feelings are real, and that other people have feelings to. Try to be kind and loving and get to a place where you can change your behavior.

Good behavior can bring you positive thoughts and feelings. This will help you to be healthy and help you to get past your selfishness.