Traits of a Person with Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts

Are you someone that feels like you have more of a purpose than what you see in the world? Do you consider yourself to be special, but you can’t really explain why? Do you talk to the spirit world, and you don’t even realize it? If you said yes to any of these things, you might have a special gift.

Some people have gifts of being very spiritual. They are people that are able to reach their spiritual self without trying. Here are some traits that spiritually gifted people often have:

Trouble Sleeping

Maybe you have always had a hard time sleeping or falling asleep. This can mean that you have a relationship with the nighttime that is different than others. You might be connected to the spiritual world which can lead to nightmares. This is because there is a witching hour between 3 and 4 and the energies are strong, especially during full moons.

Strong Imagination

People that have spiritual gifts often have strong imaginations. They are able to think of things and they have dreams of different worlds. They are very creative because of their wild dreams.

Knowing the Future

Some people with spiritual gifts are able to read into the future. They might be able to know what is going to happen but sometimes people don’t believe what they say. Talk to a psychic to see what you can do to develop your gifts.

Hurt People Hurt You

One thing that might happen if you have a spiritual gift is that you are hurt when other people hurt. You feel the pain others feel and you want to make it better. When you have this gift, you might feel strong emotions when you are around someone that has strong emotions. This can happen even when someone is far away.

You Are on a Spiritual Journey

Maybe you find that you are on some kind of spiritual journey. Even if you don’t understand it, you might realize that you are different and that your path is confusing. This can happen because you are trying to be different, and you are working towards your spiritual self.

You might be someone that has always been drawn to toxic people and now you are trying to get those people out of your life and find those that will help you on your journey.

Loving Animals

You could be gifted if you are someone that animals are drawn to. They might come to you because they feel your strong spiritual connection.

You Bring Calmness

Just like animals are attracted to you, people might be as well. This can happen because you are strong, even if you don’t know it and you offer a sense of calmness. When people are around you, they feel calmer, and you make them feel loved.

Strong Emotions

Those that have spiritual gifts often have strong emotions. This can mean that you are excited at one minute and then mad the second. You might cry and then laugh in the same sentence. This happens because your vibrations are always changing, and they can be different at any time.

Focusing on Tasks

If you are someone that has a hard time focusing on things that need to be done, it could mean that you are sensitive and that you are spiritual. This happens because of your emotions, and you have a hard time concentrating on tasks when you are trying to find out what your emotions mean.


A spiritual person might be bothered by the weather more than others. When it is cold, it can cause you to feel different and your mood can change depending on what the weather is doing.

Sensitive to Criticism

Someone that has a strong spiritual gift might be sensitive to those that are critical of them. They are fragile and sensitive and when someone is criticizing them it can be hurtful.


A spiritually gifted person might have vivid dreams. These dreams are often there so that you can get messages from the spirit world or so that you can tell what is going to happen in the future. Your dreams can give you messages.

Forehead Pressure

If you experience pressure between your eyebrows, it can mean that your third eye is opening. This can mean that the next step is to be communicating with the spiritual world. This happens when someone has a spiritual gift, and it is opening up to be used.

Tingling Sensations

Sometimes a person with a spiritual gift will experience tingling sensations in their body. This happens because they are connected to the spiritual world, and they are able to feel things differently than others can.

You Just Know

A person with a strong spiritual gift will often know things without getting any real information. They can read people and get information just from what they are feeling. There are no facts and there is no evidence, but they are always right.

Being a Spiritual Being

When you are a spiritual being, you need to develop your gift and learn to connect with the universe. This is something that is given to you so that you can grow and become the best you can be.

Getting Advise

You can talk to a psychic about what you are feeling and get the advise you need to make good decisions with your life. When you have strong gifts, you will want to use them and be open to them. Let a spiritual advisor help you with this.