How Long Should You Do Shadow Work?

Do Shadow Work

Once you decide that you are going to do shadow work to better yourself, it can cause you to feel stressed. This is something that can be hard but is a way for your to grow.

How Long Should You Do Shadow Work?

Shadow work is a time where you will have to face the dark things about yourself that most people don’t want to deal with. This can be work that never actually ends but as you do it, you will grow.

Carl Jung talked about how you use your conscious mind and with this comes your unconscious mind which is where your shadow dwells. You can only get rid of your shadow once you are completely enlightened.

The thing is, many people don’t choose to face their shadow and when you decide that you want to grow, this will be a time where your shadow will come out. Once you begin doing shadow work it is something that you cannot turn a blind eye to. This will be a place where you explore the deep parts of yourself, and you become aware of who you are.

As much as you want to grow is as much shadow work that you will have to do. The only thing is that it gets easier over time.

How Does Shadow Work Get Easier?

Once you begin shadow work you will often get stressed or overwhelmed. This happens because you suppress your unconscious for so long and then when it comes out it can be hard to face. Some people have nightmares when their shadow comes out while others sometimes face an identity crisis.

As you work through your shadow self though, you will see that you can understand things better and that you can have peace through it all. Reaching different cycles will become easier and you will see that your identity will show you things that you can begin to accept. You will even be happy that you have begun your shadow work.

Stopping Your Shadow Work

You don’t have to do shadow work all the time and you can take breaks from this. If you start to get too overwhelmed or stressed, then you need to step back. You must be patient with yourself and allow yourself to feel the experiences that you are having. You won’t become better overnight because this takes time.

Take a break if you begin to feel any of these things:

  • Need sleep or have a hard time sleeping.
  • Are having nightmares.
  • Get angry fast.
  • Lose friends around you.
  • Become overwhelmed or depressed.
  • Lose your identity.

When any of these things happen while doing shadow work, it means that your ego is out, and you need to take a break. Take this time to meditate, talk to a friend or go to therapy.

Final Words

Shadow work is a way for you to know who you are and what is inside of you. Even though the work is continuous, you need to recognize that this is a way for you to come to a knowledge of who you are and what you need.

Every time you do shadow work you release negative energy. As you learn to accept who you are, you will see that your energy will be released, and you will get rid of any burdens holding you back.

Take your time and be patient. If you need a break, take one. This journey is one that will last for your entire life and so there is no need to be in a hurry. You will benefit from your shadow work and as you work through the darkness, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.