I am disappointed.

BAD PSYCHICI am disappointed with these fake mediums that give wrong or misleading readings. Below I have provided some insights on how to identify these fake psychics and a poor reading as well.

Most people rely on us real psychics and turn to us when in need. It’s our role to let the divine spirit provide them with guidance and remind them that their life is in their hands. Anyone not adhering to this should be part of this profession.

Not being able to channel properly can lead to bad readings as well. They are probably on the wrong frequencies, and mostly they don’t even notice they are doing it wrong. It comes about due to a psychic’s lack of enough practice and their ego too. Whether a psychic is providing a good or bad reading, customers should be able to spot a bad or a good reading.

Identifying bad psychic

Below questions can help you identify a fake psychic.

What was the effect of the reading on you?

Did is provide inspiration? Clarity or it just made your situation worse? Did you shed tears because you felt empowerment or fear? Did you’re your energy level rise or fall?

A bad reading will take away your energy. Customers won’t always receive what makes them happy. Psychics don’t need to be biased either. The delivery of the information is what really matters and psychics should do their best to deliver messages with lots of love and consideration.

Traits of a bad psychic

  • Black readings- when a psychic informs you that a close relative is going to die or face tragedy, this is referred to as a black reading. First, the spirits don’t reveal to us the exact time and date or method of death, so this is not accurate. Secondly, fate is not fixed and the daily choices we make can change the path of our fate.
  • You have a curse on you-this is mainly used by cons in the industry. The statement is always followed by “ I can remove the curse for this amount”. First, curses only affect you if you believe in them. And if anybody is sending curses your way, there are many ways to guard yourself.
  • Come back for more sessions- you don’t need to. A true psychic will ensure that you are less dependent on him/her. A reader trying to set up more sessions is just sales oriented and not a healer. Good psychics will actually try to limit the number of times you see them, to prevent addiction.
  • Unrelated information- a reader snooping into one’s personal life without them agreeing, is just nosey, and a clear indication of a con artist. One’s privacy and consent must be treated with utmost respect.
  • Spreading bad news on other psychics- please run away. This is a sign of ego taking charge and not the spirits. Psychics aren’t supposed to judge each other since we are all different and have our own ways of channeling. You cannot decide that the way one reads their cards is wrong therefore when they start claiming to be the best among others in the game, just run away.
  • Titles obsession- having a doctorate doesn’t make you better than others. Good medium concentrates on how they can be of help to the customer, and not what titles they have and use to brag of how much they can achieve.
  • Always seeking validation- if you come across such a reader, consider it as a red flag. Its strait with beginners, not pros. Look out for generalities and repetition.

The Ego Monster

I actually borrowed this from John Edwards’s book “Infinite quest”. You should find time and read it. Ego is a real monster capable of hijacking us. It’s an inner feeling that makes you want to feel important. It takes away our humbleness.

It’s bad for both reader and customer and it hinders the reader from their own spiritual development. They block themselves from the messages they should receive for them to grow spiritually.

We are psychics so we can help others. We don’t have to feel special and it definitely shouldn’t be about the money.

Psychics are not special people

I always reiterate this to my clients. Anyone is able to harness this thing and be one. For me, it’s very fulfilling to assist people. It makes me happy. It’s my only reason

You might think I’m crazy, but it’s my objective. I try to show my clients that they don’t need me, and provide them with tools they require to grow their spiritual gift.

Our efforts to empower our customers spread spirituality and the more we do so the more the society keeps in touch with God and the spirits, and this surely makes this world a better place.