Ways of spotting a fraud psychic

Ways of spotting a fraud psychic
  1. You need to make sure the psychic has a reputable background:

Ways of spotting a fraud psychicMake sure you know well the psychic you are going to see. Do your research or let them be recommended to you by people who have good feedbacks about them.

Be very cautious of somebody who is out there and you’ve never heard about them but claim to be a psychic. All those who have good reviews are not necessarily real psychics.

  1. In any case, they inform you that you are cursed or that you have a spell on you do not pay attention to it:

Do not fool that you have a spell or that you are cursed. All of us have bad lucks which needs work for us to get good luck. Be positive about what you are going through and know that all need work for it to transform.

  1. When you are feeling week, refrain from psychics:

When you are in pain and grief, refrain from seeing psychics because they are likely to take advantage of you.

Fake psychics will take advantage of those who are going through pain since they consider them to be more vulnerable.  A good clairvoyant will send you to a counselor.

If you visit a psychic and feel better, that’s really cool but if they keep contacting you and just want to take your money then that’s not a good sign.

  1. Do not trust anything you are told:

There are things people shouldn’t say when they are not sure. Like there is a lady who was told when she was 14 that she is unable to bear children. When I did a reading to her I told her that she will have two children. Months later she was pregnant. I was very happy, although I’m not sure if she ended up having two.