Finding the truth in micro expressions

Finding the truth in micro expressions

You may have heard that one’s face is also one’s fortune. It has also been said that a simple look can speak volumes. In light of these adages, it is no surprise that one can read the truth on another’s face. These expressions either macro or micro can communicate the true message that is intended.

Macro expressions last from 1/2 of a second to four seconds. These expressions are usually aligned with what the person is actually saying.  A micro expression is a very quick, between 1/15-1/35 of a second. The micro expression generally has a concealed emotion and can be what the speaker truly intends.

Finding the truth in micro expressions

When we communicate with others, gather as much information as possible. This information is verbal and non verbal.  A good way to develop better communication skills is to understand how to read the speaker’s face.

Micro Expressions

Everyone has micro expressions that are indicative of what they are feeling.

  • Surprise. The raising of the upper eyelids depicts surprise. The jaw is open and lips and mouth are relaxed.
  • Fear.  When the upper eyelids are raised high and brows drawn together, that indicates fear.
  • Disgust. This micro expression is easy to read because it can be seen by wrinkles around the nose. The eyes can be cast down and narrowed, the teeth may also be visible.
  • Anger is seen through tight lower and upper eyelids with lowered brows. Lines will appear between the brows. The jaw may also move forward.
    • Both sides of the lips will go up, symmetrically. The side eye muscles will be engaged.
    • The inner corner of the eyebrows are raised. Both corners of the lips will be turned down. The jaw will come up.
    • One side of the mouth will rise as if in a sneer.

Micro expressions cannot be faked. This is because they are the true emotions that leak out in just a fraction of a second. This is why they are often missed. These expressions reveal what person truly means when they speak. Knowing what they mean will help you understand the true meaning when we are connecting with others.