Could you be under psychic attack?

Could you be under psychic attack?

Could you be under psychic attack?You can’t sleep, even though you are exhausted. No matter what you do you just can’t relax. You go from one weary day to the next. You can’t seem to shake a cold or hay fever or allergies. You just can’t seem to get a head. You feel like there is something keeping you from both health and happiness.

You could be clinically depressed. That is a possibility and is not a one to be ignored. But it could also be that you are under psychic attack. It sounds crazy, but someone may have formed the intent to harm you. It may not be known to them at all.

It could be a relative with a grudge or someone who you inadvertently harmed years ago. You may have an ex flame who still bears you ill will. It could be someone who is simply jealous of you.

Everyone has some store of negative feelings within them. If they are not addressed as soon as possible, they can just fester and grow until they take over. This flood of negativity can spill over and create problems.   There have been reports of family members inadvertently attacking each other with negative energy.

A psychic attack does not cause a hail of toads or festering boils. It can simply rob someone of the joy they have in their day to day lives, due to the flood of negativity in the world.

An advisor or psychic can help you harness your own energy to break this link.  Remember this has to come from your own energy.  No magic spell or charm will work or should be advised.