Empath’s and Trauma Trigger’s

trauma trigger

Are there people in your life that are trauma trigger people? This can be something you could battle but if you are an empath, this can be harder. By having a trauma trigger by you, an empath will have a hard time not having painful emotions to creep up on them by just the mention of a name or a situation.

Empaths have strong emotions and they can be both good and bad emotions. People that are empaths are there to bring light to the world around them but sometimes this means that they are required to feel the darkness around them when there is negativity. There are also some people that cannot get past their trauma and they are people that are often trauma triggers.

These people will take their energy and will bring it to you rather it is good, angry, sad, dark or whatever. They will try to make you feel their behavior and their emotions so that you can feel their darkness too. These people will point out things and will find fault in everyone around them.

Who Are Trigger People?

People that are dark can be anyone. It can be someone in your family, a partner, someone you work with or even a teacher. They are people that take the life out of you. They have had a past and they were not able to get over it so they spread their negative energy to everyone, creating a trauma response to everyone they meet.

If you are someone that is positive and peaceful, being around a trauma trigger person can make you feel sick and uncomfortable. This happens because they bring their painful emotions and their negative energy around you.

No matter how long it is between the last time you have seen them, right when they come around they will make you uncomfortable. They will bring painful responses to you, especially if you are an Empath and then you will have a hard time dealing with your body and your mental place. Some empaths will even feel pain in their body around these people.

Since an empath can relate to things other people have been through, a trauma trigger person will send their emotions to the empath and the empath will have to relive the trauma over and over and will feel that it is a loss of their own.

Is it a Psychic Attack or a Trauma Trigger?

People often have both trauma trigger’s and psychic attacks. A psychic attack is something that comes to you randomly such as a negative feeling or a negative thought. This happens because someone is sending negative energy to you even when you aren’t around them.

Once you learn to recognize if it is a psychic attack or not, you can learn how to battle it. A trauma trigger is something when someone comes around you and mentions a trigger in a conversation. If they mention someone negative, that person will come into your thoughts or your energy and it will cause you to react.

How to Deal with a Trauma Trigger

Trauma trigger people cannot always be stopped from making a connection with you. You have to learn to deal with them in a way that you stay grounded and protected. You need to make sure that your mind, body, and soul are strong.

If you are around someone or hear a name and it causes a trauma trigger, you might have an aura that is dark or one that is unbalanced. Make sure that you stay grounded and that you are able to find balance before being around anyone or anything that you know is going to be negative or to bring darkness into your life.