Ways Your Guides Try to Warn You

Ways Your Guides Try to Warn You

Most people that you meet will believe in some sort of guide but some don’t realize how much the spirit guides affect their lives. The spirit guides come to show you more than you imagined.

If you aren’t sure that you have a spirit guide, the guide can be an angel or it can be another spirit that was given the job to watch over you. It works with you rather you know they are there or not.

Spirit guides are helpful and they protect you and watch over you. They will tell you when something is dangerous and they will show you which path you should take. You have to learn to talk to them to know what they are trying to say. The messages that they send you can help to save you from bad things.

Signs from Your Spirit Guides

Here are some of the ways that your spirit guides try to warn you:


Sometimes a guide will give you a certain smell to warn you. This could be smoke, and you will get out of the building before it catches fire. You might even smell something burning that is warning you to pay attention to your surroundings.


Some people lose items or misplace things for a purpose. Your guides might do this so that you will take more time to get where you need to go or so you will be late. This could be your cars or your cell phone. If you had left on time, chances are you might have been involved in a crash.


Another way that your guides will warn you is through memories. They might give you a memory that you forgot about to warn you not to go back into some kind of danger.


Sometimes a spirit guide will give you doubt so that you can questions things before you make a decision. Pay attention to what you are doubting to see if it seems dangerous or not.

Through Dreams

Dreaming is one of the biggest ways that a spirit guide will communicate with you. Your guide can give you dreams that can help you to avoid danger. Don’t avoid what happens in your dream because they can be very real for you.


Sometimes your guides might make you have strong emotions so that you can know if you feel unsafe or uneasy. Never ignore the feelings and emotions that you are having.

Déjà vu

Déjà vu can show you when something might not be quite right. Be aware of what is going on around you and if you feel that you have been there before or that there is danger lurking, there might be.

Electrical Movements

Your guides might flick on the lights or the television to warn you of impeding danger. These things usually come with other signs surrounding them so pay attention.


Having a spirit guide is like having a best friend and they can set you up with different encounters to guide you. Maybe you have met someone that you never saw before, and they give you a warning. Always listen.