Getting Rid of Negative Energies

Getting Rid of Negative Energies

People feel energized from their fun things that they do but what happens when you feel that you no longer have any energy? This can come from strained relationships; hard work loads and even just stress. Maybe you just feel withdrawn and tired.

Even being part of the pandemic for the past couple of years could have left you feeling a lack of energy. By feelings of lost and worry, many people realize that they have had to deal with hard emotions. It can be hard to deal with the negative energy that has built up in your life. There are ways that you can push past this though.

Pay Attention to What You Let In

You have to learn to control things that you are taking into your life. Listening to the news can be informative but if it brings you fear, stay away from it. There is no point in allowing yourself to be upset or negative over what is going on in the world.

If you have to watch the news, just watch it in moderation. Get the details of what is important and then find something else to do. When it starts to stress you, get away from it. Even talking to people can bring you stress. Avoid these kinds of people.

Dance, dance and Dance

One of the best ways to build up your positive energy is to dance. Dance and move around. Shake off anything that doesn’t fit you. Dance to the music, shake to the music and move.

Even animals will sometimes shake after they experience something hard, this can help you get rid of negativity.

Cleanse Your Aura

Keeping your aura strong is important to keep out the negativity. You need to sit or stand where you can get comfortable. Put your feet and your legs to the ground and pay attention to what your feet are feeling. Take in a deep breathe and let your arms move up to the top of your head and then let the breath out as your hands go down your body. Move and breathe and do this as fast or slow as you want.

As you inhale and exhale you are allowing your aura to be cleansed. Do this at least 5 minutes to sweep away anything negative that is holding on to your energy.

Chanting at Sleep Time

Before you even lay down to go to sleep, say a chant that makes you feel good. Do this so that you can feel safe and protected. This will allow you to forget what is going on in the world around you and to feel powerful. You can try the chant, “om” before going to sleep or find more voo chanting online.


Meditation is one of the best ways that you can feel better. While you are relaxing and letting your mind clear, you will see that you have a space where your emotions can be calm. Meditation can make you aware of who you are without the stress.

If you are stuck at home or at work, be mindful of who you have around you. You can even start a group meditation if other people need to do it as well. This can make the energy around you even more positive.

Having kids that are hyper can get you frustrated. Pull on your ears and massage them and this can relax your mind because of all of the 300 acupressure points in your ears.

Essential Oils

Incense and essential oils are known to clear the space around you. If you need your mind to be calm, try burning some scents to make you feel better. You can do sage or other herbs that can help to get rid of negativity in your air. Not only this, but studies have also shown that this kind of burning can get rid of bacteria as well, keeping you strong in your mind and your body. Let the positivity come into your area.