What Does Your Orange Aura Mean?

Orange Aura

Auras are part of your energy centers that surround your body. These are usually one or more colors, and this can change minute to minute. The color of your aura has to do with your mood and how you are feeling. Each color and shade has its own meaning.

If you aren’t sure what color your aura is, get an aura reading and find out what your aura says about you.

Orange Auras

An orange aura is one that means you are taking action in something. People with this color aura often want to have change.

Peach Aura

A peach aura can mean that you are communicating with others and that you have new ideas. This is often people that are teachers or writers.

Tangerine Aura

An aura that is tangerine in color means that you are spontaneous, and you live an exciting life.

Pumpkin Aura

The color of pumpkin can mean that you are disciplined in all you do, and you are very detailed.

Burnt Orange Aura

This color aura can mean that you are looking for change in your life and that you will do anything that you need to do to make that change happen.

Sacral Chakra and an Orange Aura

An orange aura works with the sacral chakra because it is represented by the color orange. This means that you are creative and have strong sexual energies. This can mean that the energy that you have is very strong and intense. Chances are that if you have an orange aura, your sacral chakra is working perfectly.

Downfalls of an Orange Aura

The orange aura means action, and this can mean that you are constantly on the move. This can mean that you are burnt out easily because you are always working to make things happen. Take time when you come up with an idea and don’t rush into things.

Not all orange people will work that hard, but this is often seen in an orange aura because people act before taking time to rest. This means they work hard, and they use up all of their energy fast.

Orange Aura and Relationships

People with an orange aura often do things on their own. They have a hard time giving into others and this makes their relationships struggle. They do usually have a good sex drive. They like to please others and give gifts, but they are often controlling.

Orange Aura and Careers

Those with an orange aura will work to make people impressed with their work. They will do good on a team and will be charming and get the job done.

Orange Aura and Communication

Most people with this aura are very charming. They will be able to give their ideas to others and will be smart and outgoing. This aura is normally smart and stimulated in things.

Final Thoughts

An orange aura is strong energy and is not a very common aura color. When you have an orange aura, embrace it. Be creative, spontaneous and powerful. But when you need to take a break, do that so you don’t get overwhelmed.