Psychic Medium Char Margolis’s Injunctions of the Ouija Board


Ouija boardI have been having a conversation with the dead for over 4 decades, therefore, I know very well the many varieties “neighborhoods” in the world of spirits.  Has Ouija board sent you a message before? Have you met a ghost before?  There are also virtuous and awful spirits on the other side just like there are virtuous and awful individuals on earth. There is a new interest brought by the movie Ouija to the Ouija board. This is the most preferred manner to entice youngsters.  It looks like it cannot harm but it’s not. You can have a one on one with the soul on the board. Just like tarot cards or reading, it can be used as a medium. This can make you look stupid. it isn’t something that is played with. Satan was once an angel who knew virtuous things and used them to have control over the pure.

Below are five injunctions not to forget in regards to Ouija board.

  1. The Ouija board is true!
  2. It acknowledges the devilish souls.
  3. It is able to spell out your secrets as well as true statements to entice you.
  4. It is able to make you believe that your dead loved one is trying to communicate with you by spelling out their names. But this is just a way of taking control of you.
  5. It will inform you of fantastic things in relation to you or a loved one or the dead.

If you own an Ouija board put it outside, that’s what I advise. The movie title is perfect.  There are both virtuous and awful souls in the world. Just pray and envision yourself in the white light if you want to stay protected. Refrain from being around negative vitalities. You shouldn’t believe anyone just because they can inform you of something you didn’t know about yourself.  My work is to heal and teach individuals how to develop their own instincts.

Everybody possesses the sixth sense which helps in problem prevention and achievement of goals. Be certain that you are connected with the healing guides and angels who can guide you if you are studying this work.