Knowing When You Have a Psychic Attack

Psychic Attack

All witches have to know about defensive magic because if you are not protected from unknown forces then it can be dangerous for you. You have to know how to keep yourself and those around you safe and to keep your home full of good energy. When you do spells and magic, there are things that are often out of your control and if a spell does not work how, you expected and it goes wrong, you could run into spirits that can be harmful to you. Even people in your life and around you can be rude and hurtful so you should always be safe.

You can learn how to be protected against things such as psychic attacks and magic that is negative. It might seem scary to deal with this and might cause you to want to stop being a witch, but as long as you know about it and you are learning how to stay safe, you will be fine.

Psychic Attack

There are three parts or types of a psychic attack that can happen in your life. Even though they can happen, only one of them happens when someone purposefully puts it on you and the other ones just happen because of the actions of others. They can cause you to have different symptoms and problems. Here are the psychic attacks in order from least to worst.

Psychic Influencing

This is a kind of psychic attack that happens, and it is normally not something that is meant to happen to you, but it can cause you to have different kinds of problems. What happens with this is that the influencer wants something really badly and they will do things such as try to control your mind or give you feelings or thoughts that are not yours to get what they want. This can be someone that wants you to fall in love with them or someone that wants to be with your partner. They could also be someone that wants to be in the job position you are in or be with your friends. There are many other reasons why influencers show up in your life and most of the time these people are very emotional and insecure, and they do not know how to be happy so they want to be like someone else so they can have their happiness.

This kind of psychic attack can come to you, and it can change how you feel, and it can mess with things that you value, and you want. You might out of nowhere start having hateful feelings and this can be something that you never really feel. They can also affect you in your sleep and it can cause you to have nightmares or not to sleep well.

You may have noticed that these things were happening to you, and you might have thought that you were being partially possessed because it can have the same feelings. This happens because it is the same kinds of things but there are differences that you can notice, and you can find out if it is a partial possession or if it is a psychic attack:

  • Are you able to talk to the voice or is it just something that is saying different things you aren’t used to in your mind? This is probably a spirit.
  • Do you keep dreaming of someone? This is probably an influencer.
  • Does your thoughts change when you know someone or causes your personality to change? This is probably an influencer.
  • Do you have memories that you never have done before? This is probably a spirit.

It can be hard sometimes to know the difference between a spirit and an influencer and if you want to know more, you can dig deep inside of yourself and see what is going on.

Do things to keep yourself safe such as cleansing, a salt bath, or banish any spirits and feelings that are trying to take over your life.

Psychic Vampire

Most people have been around a psychic vampire here or there. These are people that make you feel like you have no energy when you have to deal with them. They are people that will take their own trauma and they will try to drain your energy so that they will feel better about who they are. They are not able to use their own energy because they deplete it each day and so they try to take the energy of others.

This is someone that you might feel sick or have no energy once you are around them even for a short time. They might make you feel that you are depressed or sad even though you aren’t. This can be a family member, friend or even a complete stranger. If you are around someone that makes you feel like you are getting sick, chances are they are a psychic vampire.

Dealing with this kind of psychic attack is easy. You have to decide who this person is and how they are making you feel. Look at the people around you and do protective spells on your life and make sure you are grounded and that you are cleansed when you have to be around them. This can block them from taking your energy.

If you have an idea on who the person is, try to stay away from them and do not have them in your life.

Attacking Witches

One intentional attack that can happen to people that are witches is a magic attack. This is when a witch decides that they are against you and so they cast a spell on your life.

This isn’t always a spell that will hurt you, but it can be a spell of love, a spell of trickery or something else. It is something that can come to you and be bad for you and leave you feeling upset or angry. This can also cause you to have accidents or cause you to have thoughts that you are not used to in your life. This can even cause you to lack sleep and to have nightmares.

You can tell this kind of attack from other things because witches can use magic and use it intentionally to be against someone. When you have a witch that is putting a spell on you, they will want you to know that they did this to you.

If you need to get rid of this kind of psychic attack, you need to make sure that you know about cleansing and you are doing this each day. Cleansing can break spells and if that doesn’t work, do a banishing spell and some warding on yourself to try to keep the spell from hurting you. Most of the time a witch will do the spell over and over, especially if they know you know how to fight against it.


Thoughtforms are not things that are dangerous, and they can help you to have peace and to be helped if you use the right intentions when doing it. Not all thoughtforms are meant to help you, especially if someone is trying to put something negative on you.

A thoughtform is also called an egregore or a tulpa and it can cause you to have thoughts and intentions that separate you from who you are. This means that they thoughts are not your thoughts, and they can function even when you are not intentionally thinking of someone. There are intentional and unintentional thoughtforms.

Intentional Thoughtforms

Intentional thoughtforms are spirits that are there that come because a witch or someone practicing magic creates them for a purpose. This purpose is often to get information from you and to give them information so that they can cast a spell on you. This can be the doings of a magician and can be created in a way to hurt you. These spirits will come to you, and they will try to cause you to have accidents, to hurt you or they will do things to make you feel bad such as harass you or put you down.

These kinds of spirits can cause you harm and they can bother you but they can also be dangerous and so you need to just make sure that you are identifying them and treating them like you would other spirits that come in your life.

It can be hard to know a thoughtform because they sometimes come as a regular spirit, and it can be hard to know if they are there for good or harm. If you are someone that is sensitive to the energy of spirits though, you can find out who made the spirit and what it is there for. If you feel that this is a thoughtform then you need to immediately banish it and cleanse yourself and then do warding on yourself to make sure that your energy is safe.

There are other things that you can do to get rid of thoughtform and if you are someone that knows magic, you can do different things to get rid of them. Remember that a thoughtform spirit will do what it can to harm you such as lie to you, have secrets, or make up lies. They will do what they can to keep their maker safe.

Thoughtforms are real spirits that were created, and they are not independent. They are able to come about, and they can know what is going on. You need to respect these spirits just like you would another spirit and know that even if they were made that they are powerful.

Unintentional Thoughtforms

This isa thoughtform that happens when the influencer accidently makes it. They happen when a person has a strong feeling towards you, and they accidently make a spirit. This can happen when someone is focused on you, and they accidently obsess with you. This can cause a spirit to be created and you need to make sure that you are prepared if this happens to you.

Even unintentional thoughtforms can cause you a lot of problems and they can cause you accidents and bad behavior. They are not able to control themselves because their maker didn’t mean to make them, and they are often unsure that they even created this spirit. This kind of thoughtform will come out of desires and thoughts and they will not be cared for like other spirits and they can be violent and upset which makes it impossible to know what they will do next.

These kinds of spirits are ones that are hurting, and it is not a spirit that you can go and fix except in very few cases. Most of the time they have to stay with their creator in order to even exist. The best way that you can deal with these spirits is to get rid of them and dissolve them so that they don’t have to be hurting. You have to make sure that you are cleansed and that you do warding on yourself because these spirits can keep coming as long as someone is obsessed with you. If you are not sure how to get rid of a thoughtform you may need to do a banishing or a binding spell.

Unintentional thoughtforms can be dangerous because they are a very deep and instable spirit. They want to be with you, and this can be someone that has abused you or a stalker that will not leave you alone. You have to be cautious on dealing with the spirit and the maker and make sure that you are safe and that you are protected in your mind, body, and spirit. A person that is creating these can be very dangerous to you even outside of the spirit world.

You need to protect yourself from a psychic attack and thoughtforms might be things that you never imagined that you would have to take care of. Make sure that you know some banishing spells and that you know how to bind when you do magic.

Dangers of Magic

Chances are if you are a witch that you have seen some kind of dangers when you are doing your magic. You need to always be prepared and have magical defense so that you can be safe from spirits, other witches and other things that come to harm you. You need to find ways to have peace in your life. Sometimes a witch is looking to find new spells and they don’t even mean to make the dangerous spells that they do.

If you are a beginner witch, go and find out more about defensive magic and do what you can to keep safe in your mind, body, and spirit.