What Kinds of Spirituality Are There?


As time goes on, people change, and this means that spirituality will change as well. Sometimes when people look at their life and get older, they become more interested in what their spirituality is.

It makes it hard for people to know what kind of path that they should go on in life and what kinds of things they need to avoid.

Take care of your spiritual wellness by learning what you should know about yourself and the different kinds of spirituality that is available to you.

What Does Spirituality Mean?

Spirituality is where your soul is and what brings your soul peace. This is something that means no rules and no places, but it is just part of the human soul.

The way that you experience and believe things and how you look at what life means to you is all part of your spirituality. This is more than just what you see with your physical being.

When you deal with the different things that life hands you and you see that there is more than just a body, you begin to look deeper at your spirituality.

People see spirituality different than others, and some believe it is believing in a higher power, going to church or being religious. Some think that connecting with the universe or doing things such as meditation or yoga is part of their spirituality.

Kinds of Spirituality

When you learn more about who you are, there are things that you can do in order to reach your spirituality. Here are some different kinds of spirituality that you can consider.

Mystic Spirituality

This is the kind of spirituality that focuses more on the soul. Someone that believes in this believes that there is something special to everything that happens in life.

Each experience is more than a physical experience and people are brought together to be unified. This kind of spirituality means that there is reason for each and everything that happens and there is an explanation as to why things are going on in each person’s life.

Authority Spirituality

This kind of spirituality is how you have a structure and there are people or things in authority that guide you.

Some believe that spirituality is based on rules and things that we can and cannot do. This kind of spirituality is based on different religions and different beliefs. There are rules of religion that people have to follow, or it will cause problems with what they believe.

Someone that is in authoritarian spirituality might have a certain religion that they follow, and they will believe that this is the best for them. The problem is that this can go to one extreme and become religious terrorism.

Intellect Spirituality

This kind of spirituality is that there is knowledge that people can get based on different kinds of information and theories.

This can be part of the journey that people are on, and it can be based on studying different kinds of religions to help their spirituality grow.

Service Spirituality

One common type of spirituality is when you serve others. You can serve people, and this can give you peace and confidence in your spiritual life.

There are different ways that you can do this such as volunteering your time or giving to benefit someone other than yourself. This is one way that you can get in touch with who you are.

Social Spirituality

This kind of spirituality happens when you are around people that are also following the same spirituality that you are following.

People will practice this together and come together as a group. This is one central part of many people’s spirituality, and this means that you can do group exercises, activities and other things based on your spirituality practices.

Getting Spiritual

There are different things that you can do to reach your spiritual self-such as:

Finding Knowledge

You can search and seek for knowledge, and this is a practice that can help you to know more about what you want in your life.

Learning new things can give you new knowledge and help you to find out who you are. If you want to do this, you need to study what you believe in and think upon it. This is something that is important in Buddhism and Hinduism.


Another thing that you can do is to devote to your new path. Don’t just consider yourself religious, find ways to devote yourself to what you believe in.

Even if you aren’t connected to a religious group, you can find spiritual freedom by praying, chanting, and finding what you believe in.


Meditation is one of the most common spiritual journey that people go on. Meditation will help you to learn to breathe and quiet your mind and you can form relationships with other people along the way.

To achieve spiritual practice, you have to learn to be calm. People often have emotions and things bottled up and meditation is a way that you can calm your mind and let go of things that are negative in your life.

Doing things such as yoga and breathing practices can help with this.


One way to reach your spiritual being is through service. You can do things for others and not expect things back in return and this will help you to grow and help you to achieve your goals.

People that do this often find freedom because they are giving and not taking. These people will often work in places where they can volunteer their time such as with animals or children in need.


Everything has energy and your mind, body and soul are full of energy. Doing meditation, breathing and other things can help you to reach your spiritual self. There are ways that you can concentrate and work on making your health better and this is improving your energy.

Whatever you do, get rid of toxic energy out of your life and learn to better yourself.


Concentrating on your spiritual health is as important as your physical health. Learn to look at challenges face on and prove yourself free from things that are toxic in your life.

There are different kinds of spirituality that can work best with you. Find the different methods and find one that brings you freedom and calmness.

Learn to improve your life everyday and start by working on your spiritual journey.