What Does it Mean to Be a Lightworker?


Have you always felt that you were different or that you never really fit in places? Lightworkers are people that hardly ever fit in. They are people that are sensitive, and they are sent to the earth to help people.

A lightworker has a strong purpose and they are meant to give light to others. They have very strong spirituality, and they are able to raise the vibrations of others and help people by giving them light. They work with the vibrations of the planets as they do their ascension.

You don’t have to be a leader in order to be a lightworker, the great thing is that lightworkers work in all different places and all over the world.

There are signs that you might be a lightworker and that you might be put on earth to help others. Here are some of the signs:

Not Fitting In

You might be someone that doesn’t fit in with others or you might even be called the black sheep. You have never been able to do what people expected from you and the only real friends that you have are people that are a lot like you.

You may have already been stuck doing your own thing or felt that you had to work a regular job and it makes you tired and makes you feel overwhelmed.

Finding the Truth

You might be someone that has always wanted to know more and ask questions. There is something that is inside of you that makes you want to know the truth. This can cause you to try to figure out what is going on in your life because you want to know it all.

You love to talk to other people, and you will wonder what they are saying to you or if they are lying or trying to hide things from you.

Spiritual Awakening

You love the idea of the spiritual world, and you feel like the whole world is a mess. You feel that there are crisis everywhere that you cannot fix.

Your awakening happens because you know what you want to do and what you need in your life. You have missed some signs along the way, but you are more awake than ever.

Deeply Connected

You are someone that has always been connected to your guides and angels. You have learned that they are with you from a young age, but you might have been too afraid to communicate with them until now.

If this describes you, chances are that you are a soul that has come across people that are starseeds or those that have come from another dimension. You might be connected to them in unity consciousness.

Want to Help Others

You are someone that wants to work to help others. You hate to see people suffering and you want to see people happy and free. You will do what you can to make others feel good about who they are, and you never compare people to others.

You love life and you think society is sad how it treats people and how some people have great things and others have nothing.

You Want Change

You want to see change and the way that the world works makes you feel sick. You hate to see people lose their freedom and you want things to be changed. You work hard to make changes happen and people often call you a dreamer.

You know the things that are right and the things that are wrong and you don’t make excuses for people that make bad choices.

Healing Crystals

You are someone that loves to see people healed and to use different tools to see what they do. You want to see growth and you want to let your soul find out new things.

Once you go on your path, you see that the tools you can use become an addiction and you are invested in making sure that you try them out so that you can grow and help others to grow.


You are a natural empath, and you have strong emotions. You know when people don’t like you and what other people are feeling. You are often stressed, and you never know if it is your own feelings or the feelings of others around you.

You will learn to recognize that you have a skill to be able to read people deeper than others can.

People Attract to You

You are the person that people come to when they need something. People are always drawn to you, and they want to have your advice on all things. You find people want to open their lives to you and you are a light to them.

You let people express what they want to you, and you never judge them or put them down. You are someone that listens deeply.


You notice that things are always happening and that it is more than a coincidence. You meet people all the time at the right time, and you are pushed to go places that you normally don’t visit.

These are signs from the universe that you are being called to be a guide and to spread light to others.

Know Your Purpose

You know that the world has put you on the earth for a reason and you know that you have a spiritual purpose in your life.

You allow things to happen so that you can be guided, and you allow the energy to flow to you. You look at life and you take action to make the world a better place.


Once you know that you are a lightworker, you can know that you have a mission on this world. What talents do you have? What are things that you can do that others cannot?

Once you find out what you have inside of you, the world cannot stop you. You can reach your higher self and you don’t have to worry about what other people say.

You have an amazing calling on your life and instead of letting it get you down or overwhelm you, learn to embrace it and feel alive in your life. Help others the best you can, and you will see that you have more than you ever imagined.

You will do great things and you will see that even the small things that you do change the world.