Opening Up Your Intuition

Opening Up Your Intuition

Empaths are full of intuition, and this is something that can help them in many ways, if they choose to use it. An empath has strong intuition, and they are able to know when they are talking to someone that is real or someone that is fake. They are able to know the right path to follow and what is right or wrong in the world.

Being able to read the intuition is something that everyone can work on to perfect and when you can learn how to do this, you can learn to connect with your intuition better.

The gut feelings that you get, or your intuition come from the solar plexus chakra. They come to you to give you a chance to know things based on the sensations that you feel. This can help you to feel worried or to know things without question.

Science is something that doesn’t always follow psychic giftings, but science does believe that people have intuition.

Everyone has felt nervous in the gut area and not just empaths. The way that your mind works and the logic that you have faced during hardships is something that your body never forgets.

When your body responds to these things from the solar plexus, it is what holds the keys to your emotions.

Your gut will always be there to tell you what to do and what not to do, it is up to you to listen. It has a purpose to keep you safe and to help you to make good decisions.

Once you understand your intuition, you can learn to make decisions based on how you feel, and this is different than just letting your imagination run wild.

Reading Emotions

When you have to make a decision, you can ask your intuition to guide you. Maybe you want to go somewhere but you just feel dread or maybe you want to make a decision and you have instant peace. All of these are part of your intuition.

Your ego is there to tell you opposite of your intuition. You have to learn to interpret your intuition so that you can understand yourself and what your body is trying to tell you.

When you learn to listen to your intuition, you will no longer be afraid. Fear can stop you from listening to your intuition and can cause you to make poor choices.

Just because you are fearful about something doesn’t mean that your intuition is steering you wrong. You need to learn to listen to your gut feeling first and that is the one that is the answer.

Do not doubt yourself and learn to trust yourself and you will have more positivity when it comes to listening to your intuition and doing what it tells you.

Ignoring your intuition or your solar plexus can cause you to miss out on something that can help you. You need to look back at the times when you ignored your gut feeling and see what happened. Did you do what it told you not to do? How did that turn out for you? These are things that you will never forget.

The great thing is that you can get to the point where you listen to your gut feeling to make good decisions.

If you have a feeling and something feels amazing, do it but if your gut feeling tells you something is wrong, you need to question it and find out why you are feeling that way. You are allowed to respond to yourself with questions.

Ask yourself, “Is my intuition guiding me down the right path?” and let your intuition give you the answers you are seeking.

You have to learn to trust your intuition and learn to develop it stronger so that you can have stronger gut feelings. As an empath, you need your intuition, and you need it to be strong so that you can stay strong and hopeful in life.

Your intuition will guide you and help you to stay strong and make good decisions that will leave you feeling peaceful and loved.