Clearing Old Love Karma: Here’s How

Clearing Old Love Karma

If you feel like you are stuck when it comes to your love life then unresolved karma may be at fault. Old karma is effective at blocking the progress of relationships. While many people attribute karma to the old adage “what goes around comes around,” this is just one very narrow explanation of something that is a very elaborate principle. We all carry karma, good and bad. The karma we carry can be drawn from past lives and earthly experiences. It can also be shared or passed down through each generation. Your karma is as much your own as your eye color and blood type. It belongs to your being, even though you cannot see it. Karma makes sure we feel it in our lives through the repetition of people, situations, and events. It will continue to repeat until you get it. When it comes to love, karma will let you experience similar scenarios until you are made aware and take action. If you want to clear love karma for good, you must learn to welcome it as a friend. A clean karmic slate can free your soul to fulfill your purpose on earth and allows you to give and receive whatever love you deserve. TO get started, carry out the steps below to attract a new relationship that has unlimited potential or to help the current relationship by overcoming karmic hurdles.

  • Understand Your Karma – If you want to change the way the story ends, you have to go back to the beginning. Understanding karma means finding the origin or when the pattern started and what aspects keep repeating. Recognizing the reality of your karma requires introspection, but it is the first big step toward resolution.
  • Respond Differently – Karma tests us by putting us in the same situations to see if we respond in a new way. If we use the same old strategies, the cycle repeats. Reverting to familiar behaviors keeps you stuck in these karmic patterns and can get frustrating. Break the habits tied to negative karma and implement new intentions to reap new results.
  • Change Environment – Staying in some place that holds bad memories will not lead to a positive future. Sometimes, closing the karmic door means removing yourself from the environment that is heavy with a karmic past. Karma can attach itself to a place and keep us trapped physically and emotionally. Do not be afraid to leave someplace that is impeding you.
  • Practice Forgiveness – No one can hurt you if you forgive them because you are taking the power from them. When you forgive, you gain control of karma. So forgive those who have hurt you to breakdown the hardened karma and allow it to detach. This helps you move forward. No matter what happened, you can forgive and make yourself whole.
  • Good Karma – One of the best ways to rid yourself of bad karma is to create good karma to take its place. When it comes to love karma this means not getting involved in the relationships of others, not getting involved with those already in a relationship, and being honest and respectful of your own partner. You should also be careful not to get into situations that will trigger more bad karma like retaliating against old lovers or leaving loose ends when you leave a relationship.
  • Cleansing Rituals – Symbolic acts, even small ones, that are performed with meaning and mindfulness can reshape karmic reality. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds and exhale slowly. On the exhale, imagine and dark energy released. Affirm yourself and your life and relationships. This can be repeated daily to move out old karma and clear your path in relationships.

Your karma is part of you, but it can be changed and improved. Follow the above steps to foster a fulfilling relationship and clear out the old love karma.