Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

People often hear the word awakening and they think do not always know what to think about the word. The truth is awakening is a word that people use when you become aware of the universe and you connect to the universe and other forces through your spirit.

The problem with a spiritual awakening though is that there is no real description of this, and people often wonder how you can tell if you are even having an awakening or not.

Awakening happens when you no longer focus on what your ego wants and you learn to live in a life where you let go of the past and the future and you become aware of who you are and the connection with the universal energy.

When you are awakened, you have to learn that you are separate, but you are also connected, and this is a different level of your spiritual life than you had before.

Different faiths believe in different kinds of awakening such as nirvana, awakening, enlightening and more. This is when you stop just watching and you question what is being watched and who is watching?

You have to learn that there are different realities such as the difference between television and the real world. Being awakened is a difference between your life now and a life that you strive to have.

Awakened People

There are different people throughout history that are said to have went through some kind of awakening such as Gandhi, Buddha, Nelson Mandela and even Mother Theresa. All of these individuals were known and inspiring to others and if you think of an example of someone that you might believe lived a good life and focused on good, those people might come to your mind.

Here are some other people that you might think of when you think of awakenings:

  • Oprah Winfrey, sharing her story with millions of television watchers.
  • Jim Carry, a well-known comedian that made people laugh.
  • Russel Brand, a model who sets out to make people laugh.

People that go through an awakening are not perfect people, they are just people that are opening up their spirits to more than they are now. Here are some signs of a spiritual awakening:


The first thing that you might notice are different patterns that you go through in your life. These can be things that you had done and are doing, and you are just now realizing, like the lights turned on in your mind.

If you start being aware of the things you are doing, you might ask things like:

  • Why do I want to be like others?
  • Why am I too tired to get up in the morning?
  • Why do I eat so much red meat?
  • What makes me attach to drama?
  • Do I need to drink that much?
  • What sets me off and makes me so angry?

The first step towards awakening is growing and being aware that things in your life need to change.


When you begin your awakening process, you will begin to connect with people. You will find people that you want to help, and you will begin volunteering your time such as at the food bank or the local animal shelter.

You will meet people that you used to not understand and now you will begin to get them without judging them. You might also be aware that there are many creatures on the planet, and this might make you want to stop killing insects such as flies and spiders and stop eating meat.

Being connected to the planet makes you aware of the needs of the planet and you might become more aware of litter and waste.


Even if you do not realize it, people become attached to thing. They attach to where they eat, who they hang out with, how much money they have, what they like to read and more.

If you base your ideas and beliefs on what people or the media has told you, you might miss out on things. If you let the universe guide you, you might find these things out:

  • You are very intelligent.
  • You are popular.
  • You love animals.
  • You are a vegan.
  • You are late sometimes.
  • You do not eat gluten.

We all have different layers and as we begin to remove these layers and change, we become better.


Having inner peace does not mean that we do not get angry or frustrated sometimes, what it means is that we are able to let things go and accept our emotions for what they are. We learn to have more positive thoughts over negative thoughts.


Intuition is going to kick into high gear as you reach your awakening. You might be able to know when someone is calling before they do or that you will meet someone before they show up.

Your intuition will help to guide your thoughts and your energy and will help you in all things in your life.


The same thing as intuition, synchronicity happens when the universe sends something in your path. You might turn on the radio and hear a song or advertisement of something you wanted to do, or you might run into someone that can help to guide you.

This is your destiny and even when you feel like things happen by chance, synchronicity is not chance, but it is a divine set up from the universe.


When you feel the feelings of other people, you are showing empathy. Compassion comes from empathy and when people are going through their spiritual awakening, they become more in tune with what they feel and how loving and kind they are.

Compassion and forgiveness go hand and hand and self-compassion comes with being mindful, being kind to yourself and being kind to others.

If you feel these feelings, you are on the right track.


Once you realize that you are no longer afraid of death, chances are that you are on the journey of your awakening. You will realize you are not worrying nearly as much, and you realize that you allow your fear to take over your peace.

Your physical body will go through things, but things will not seem as tragic or important as they were in the past.


Being awakened means that you are more confident in who you are, and you know that you are worthy of good things. You will no longer feel that you have to do what the world tells you, but you will instead listen to the universe and what it shows you.

People that are awakened people will often influence others and they show themselves so that they can help others to find their true self as well.


People that are awakened have a strong well-being and they are consistent in what they think and want. They seem to be happier and stronger than those that are not.

Being positive can help people to be happier and allows them to engage better in relationships and to have a deeper connection in their marriage, friendships and even their jobs.

Assisting the Awakening

When you feel that you are beginning your awakening, here are some things you can do to get it moving along:

  • Volunteer your time.
  • Be thankful
  • Take time to slow down.
  • Laugh
  • Have Fun
  • Meditate
  • Relax
  • Go out in nature.
  • Connect with your area.
  • Change your life circumstances to focus more on yourself.

If you are going through your awakening, take time to focus on yourself and who you are becoming.