Face to Face Readings

Face to Face Readings

Now, more than ever, people are looking to psychics for reading. One major question that is asked is, “how accurate is a phone reading versus a face-to-face reading?” Long before now, people would schedule psychic readings in person and would do this over having phone readings. There are advantages to phone readings that people never consider.

How can a psychic give you an accurate reading at such as long distance? The truth is the distance between you and a psychic is not a problem because the energies that you transmit is what the psychic picks up on. This article can help you to know why telephone readings can be better than face-to-face readings.

Difference Between Readings

If you are going through a hard time in your life and you need to find a psychic to give you clarity, there is hope and you can get a new perspective on your life.

Here are some ways that you can get a reading and what the difference is:

Phone Reading

A phone reading allows your psychic to call you while you are comfortable at home. No one knows that you are getting this reading and it is very anonymous.

If you live in an area where you are not close to a psychic and you have a problem traveling, this reading can be perfect for you.

Face-to-Face Reading

A face-to-face reading is when you go to a psychic or they come to you for a reading. The hardest part of this is that your psychic might respond to how you react on an emotional level or based on your body language. This can cause the psychic to baes their answers on how you are acting.

Some people are embarrassed when face-to-face with a psychic and if it is a stranger, it can cause intimate details to be hard.

Advantages of a Phone reading

Since you are not sitting in front of your psychic for a reading, they cannot tell what you are feeling based on your facial expressions or your body language. They will not be able to tell where you came from or who you are based on your age, if you have a wedding ring on or what you are wearing or what you drive.

These things can make the reading seem fake and since you are on the telephone, the psychic will have to focus on the energy to give you a real reading.

Staying calm and relaxed can help the reading to be more authentic and if you are in a face to face meeting, your psychic can tell if you are nervous or not and it could make the reading not as accurate. The psychic can pick up on nervous energy when you are in the room with them.

A telephone reading can be more relaxing, and you can do it even in your pajamas. You will stay calmer and get a more accurate reading.


A telephone reading allows you to have a reading right at your home and there is no reason for you to travel or to spend the day finding a psychic reader. The psychic can call you from anywhere in the world.

If you are busy with work and home duties, you can make the call during break and this is much easier than fitting a reading into your schedule.


Some clients do not want their personal information to be out there and they want to have privacy when getting a reading.

When you get a phone reading, you can share whatever information you want, and no one will hear what you are talking about. A psychic reader on the phone will keep your reading anonymous.

Better Quality

Chances are that you will be more open on a phone reading than in person. This happens because you will be more comfortable and in tune with your reader. You will connect with their energies and them with yours.

Since you will be less nervous and upset, you will have a more accurate reading.

Phone Reading Possibilities

A good psychic can give you a reading right from their home or anywhere they are. They tune into your vibrations and listen to your voice. They can pick up on messages from you telepathically and from the spirit guides and then give you the information.

You can think of this as a television picking up a frequency or a radio picking up a frequency when you try to tune into a certain station.

A good psychic can tune into your vibrations from wherever you are and wherever they are. A phone reading can be just as accurate or more so than a face to face reading. Energies are not separated by time or distance.

Understanding a psychic reading can help you to be better prepared to get the reading that you are hoping for.