Why Can’t I See Angel Numbers Anymore?

Angel Numbers

Typically, you may have been able to decern angel numbers that help to comfort, inspire, and guide you throughout your day.  Yet, suddenly it seems these numbers have disappeared from your life and you may be worry you may never see them again.

Here a few of the many reasons why this may have occurred and how you can reform your connection:

Ask for the numbers to reappear

Angels and spirit guide enjoy helping you out, its their calling.  Because of human freewill they won’t interfere with our lives and require our permission to aid us.  Find a quiet space to recenter yourself and ask them to guide you to the right numbers at the most opportune time.  As you begin to see the number more frequently and understand their messages your angels, guides and Higher Self will send them to you more frequently.

Adopt an attitude of gratitude

Freely give gratitude to the Universe and your divine helpers for the previous numbers and messages you have received.  You might have previously taken this gift for granted, but as you show more appreciation for these numbers in your life, you will begin to receive them again as well as appreciate the wisdom they impart in your life.

Remain faithful

In order to see and understand angel numbers, you need to have unwavering faith.  You may have stumble on your spiritual journey, but trust that you can regain your footing and these numbers will again reappear in your life at the right time.

Everything’s ok

Perhaps you aren’t seeing the numbers right now, because your life has been more stable recently.  Your angels, guides and Higher Self will send you these numbers again at the times you need them most.

Regain alignment

People most often fail to notice angel numbers at times when they are stuck in negative vibration patterns.  This can be caused by watching heavy news, interacting with energy vampire, or being stuck in periods of anxiety.  Work to shift your spiritual energy back into alignment to regain your connection to your Higher Self, angels, guides and the Universe.  The numbers will reappear again before you know it!