Poses to Boost Prana Flow and Open Energy Channels

Energy Channels

During a time of opposition in life when tragedies seem to be accumulating, it can be easy to feel like we are spinning out of control. If we feel powerless, we can end up in a constant flight or fight state that can lead to the body becoming diseased. When we meet challenges in life, especially the big ones, it is vital to keep the nervous system running efficiently. The goal when in high stress times is to raise our vibration, so the body and mind can rest and digest all that is happening around it. One way to accomplish this is to circulate more energy, also known as prana, throughout the body. When energy flows efficiently, all body functions work at top levels from healthier digestion to deeper personal connections to increased resilience to stress. Allowing energy to flow easily through the body can increase your ability to deal with stress and increase wellbeing. Try this sequence to ground yourself and calm the mind before moving through the other poses to invigorate by connecting breath with movement. To seal this practice, set an intention for your day, breath deep, and let the energy flow.

Energy Flow Boosting Poses

Forward Rocking Flow

  • Place your feet hip width apart
  • Bend your knees and fold with the belly resting on the thighs
  • Clasp the opposite elbow with the opposite hand and take 5 slow breaths, inhaling and exhaling to the count of 5
  • Sway side to side or shift forward to the top of your feet and back to the heels
  • When ready, roll up to stand in

Empty Coat Sleeves

  • Stand with feet slightly wider than the hips
  • Extend the arms straight out to the side with open palms
  • Sway side to side, twisting at the waist while the arms swing freely like empty coat sleeves
  • Allow the hand in front to tap the heart region and the one in back to tap the kidney region
  • Connect your breath to slow, smooth swings
  • Inhale when twisting right, exhale to the left
  • After 10-15 rotations, allow the swinging to stop and observe the sensation

Breath of Joy

  • Stand with the feet a little wider than the hips and bend the knees slightly
  • As you inhale, float straightened arms forward with a gentle fist, then out and up
  • Exhale as you fold and let your arms drop
  • Enjoy 5-10 cycles

High Lunge Kicks

  • Start in a high lunge allowing the front leg to bend at about a 90 degree angle, knee above the heel
  • Keep the back leg straight and strong on the ball of the foot, heel up
  • Raise your arms above with palms facing one another
  • On inhale, shift the weight forward balancing on the front foot as the back leg is brought up
  • Hug the lifted leg to your chest with the foot remaining flexed
  • Exhale as soon as you touch your chest and push the arms down as you kick the lifted leg straight, hands in loose fists
  • Repeat five times

Victory Pose

  • Stand tall with feet hips width apart
  • Root down with all four corners (heels, big toes, little toes)
  • Smile sightly and lift your arms up and wider than the shoulders, palms facing
  • Lift the chin from the chest slightly and lift the chest victoriously
  • Stand tall for 10 slow breaths, focused on your power and strength


  • Stand with feet hips width apart
  • Root down with four corners
  • With chin gently lifted, invite the spine to grow tall
  • Palms facing forward, let your arms rest by your side
  • Breath deeply from the belly and focus on energy flow
  • Close your eyes and set an intention for your day