What do Asteroids Mean?


Astronomer Charles T. Kowal discovered Chron on November 1, 1977, and it was known as Centaurs. It is an orbit that is between Uranus and Saturn and has been in orbit for over 50 years.

Background of Chron

Chron is a mythological thing and happened because of Philya, the nymph. Phyla wanted to run from Cronus and so she turned herself into a horse. Then Cronus changed into a horse, and they mated together. This made Chiron the Centaur and this person had the upper body of a person and the lower body of the horse. When he was born, Philya was so sad that she did not want to have him, but he begged her to change him into what she was. The gods turned her into a tree, and she abandoned Chiron forever. Apollo found him later and took care of him and taught him many different things such as healing.

Chiron’s wound happened from a mythological bar fight that happened between a Centaurs and Hercules and when Hercules shot an arrow, it went into Chiron’s leg and caused him to have a wound that caused him to suffer forever.

Since Chiron is immortal, he would suffer forever but he would begin to search for a way to cure his pain. The wound could never stop being painful, even when he meditate and eventually, he was released when Hercules asked Zeus to let Chiron trade places with Prometheus who was chained to a rock with a large bird that each day would eat his liver but then it would grow back the next night.

The torment that both Prometheus and Chiron would suffer would end if they would trade place and stop being immortal. Chiron had no problem with being mortal so that he could not suffer anymore. After Chiron died, Zeus made him the constellation Centaurus to celebrate him.

Astrology and Chiron

Chiron didn’t do anything wrong he was just in the wrong place when things happened. The wound was not intentional to him even though being hurt by a friend was harder to accept than the hurt that he experienced. It is interested to think that the Greek gods had different lives and troubles like we face today.

In astrology, Chiron is placed on the natal chart which is a place in our lives that can mean our sacrifice or the wounds that we have. This will depend on which house the place is. The house will decide which area of your life will be hard and the sign can help you to know how to respond to the struggles that you have.

Maybe someone that had ADHD or ADD suffered in school because they were different but there were also poor people, minorities, people that were heavier or shorter or someone else that also suffered from being put down by others. Someone that has Virgo with Chiron in the seventh house will be in relationships that are hurtful, and they will blame others for it.

The great thing about Chiron is that the energy that is there will help to take the hurt that you have suffered and help you to go and help others that are going through the same thing. If Chiron is in the 3rd house with Aries, then this person will love to help other people or children that have experienced the same problems that they have had. This might be someone that is a teacher or someone that is a doctor.

A person with Virgo in the seventh house will want to listen to the problems that people have and will be able to have sympathy for them.

Chiron can help you to understand what kind of life you will have and how you will treat other people. When someone suffers, you will want to listen to what they are going through and maybe offer advice. People that have Chiron in their natal chart might be someone that will help others overcome things that are hard.

The same can happen with other planets and they are significant in where they are located on the zodiac and where you were born. Having Chiron return can affect your life and even though this only happens every 50 years, when it does happen, it changes things in the natal chart.

When this time happens, you will have to deal with the same kinds of issues that Chironic had and if you haven’t done so in the past, you will be forced to face issues that you have had to deal with so that you can heal and move forward in your life. These things will more than likely be things that happened deep inside of your heart and the hurt will be there even when you don’t want it to be. If Pluto is in transit, it can help you to resolve issues in areas of your life that you have to face and work out.

When Chiron is in retrograde, it will be hard for you to open up to this energy. You might find that you will have more hurt than other people and the wounds that you have to face might be harder to forgive and forget. This can be a challenge to people, and it can cause people to have to make a bigger effort to feel safe.

Just like Hercules wounded Chiron, it wasn’t meant to happen and if it was on purpose, they would have more to work through than the fact that it was an accidental wound. You must make sure that you put in effort during this time to heal and to help others to heal wounds that have come to them.

Chiron is a figure that is not often mentioned unless talking about astrology. Almost everyone knows the signs and knows a bit of each of the sings. The planets will influence how the signs move and Chiron along with other asteroids will come by eventually. You need to look at the placement of things such as minor planets and asteroids in order to understand your life more.