What Is Your Aura?


Everything around you is made up of energy, especially you.  This means that energy is always getting picked up from the places that you are and from the things that you feel. You can pick up both negative and positive energies in the world around you.

Understanding the Aura

Since everything is made up of energy, it is something that will light up around you. When you meet people for the first time, or even over and over again, you will pick up their energies. This is energy from the aura.

Each person has their own energy field, or aura, and it has energy that is full of colors. These are your colors, and they are based around the energy that you have or based around your mood. The color of your aura can change from time to time depending on what your mood is.

If you have recently went through your awakening, you might have an aura that is changed because of the experiences that you went through. Or, if you have gone through the death of someone that you love, your aura will be different then as well.

Your aura color will change because of the different things that happen to you and the different things that you experience. The interesting thing is that your eyes can see the aura, and this can happen for you if you develop this psychic gift.

Seeing Your Aura

There are different ways that people will do things to try and see their aura and some are more effective than others. This will depend on you and how well you are able to pick things up around you.

One way that you can see your aura is to put your hand against a white wall. This wall has to be white in order to be able to see the colors that your aura has. Make sure that your fingers are all spread out and then look between your first finger and your thumb. Let your eyes get blurry or unfocused and you should start to see colors outlining around your hand. The color that you see is what color that your aura is.

Mirror Technique

Another way to see your aura is to put a mirror in front of a white wall. Stare at the wall and let your eyes become unfocused. Look through your peripheral vision and see if you see a color that outlines your body. Don’t look right at your aura because this will cause it to disappear.

You can use either of these ways to see your aura color or you can figure out your own technique. Some people are able to get this right away while other people aren’t able to pick up on their aura so fast. Keep practicing and don’t give up and you will see the colors that surround your being.

Colors and Auras

Auras are made up of colors and each color has a different meaning. They work with your chakras, and you can tell if your chakra is balanced or not by how colorful or how bright your aura is or isn’t.

Blue, for example, is representative of the throat chakra. This is the place where your communication works well. If your aura color is blue and is bright, your aura is probably strong.

Pink or green work with the heart chakra. If you have went through heartbreak recently then your aura might be faded or might be dull. This can mean that your heart chakra needs to be balanced.

Final Thoughts

Your aura can tell a lot about what you are feeling and who you are. Practice seeing the colors of your aura so that you can be sure to keep your mind, body, and soul on the right track.