Beware Of Curses And Spells


     Have you heard a psychic saying “Someone has placed a curse on you! You are the victim of a malicious spell!” Does this sound familiar to you? It does to me and over the past six months I’ve had numerous callers contact me worried that they are under some sort of horrific curse or spell. And why do they think they’ve been cursed? A psychic told them! They may have thought they were talking to a legitimate psychic, but who they were really giving their money to was a person who took advantage of them during a vulnerable and very difficult time in their lives. These people aren’t legitimate psychics; they’re scam artists! Curses and spells are not part of a legitimate psychic reading!

Here are some of the warning signs that someone claiming to be a psychic is trying to scam you:

1. They lure you in with accurate information. The scam artist gains your trust by luring your in with detailed and accurate information. When they feel like they’ve convinced you of their abilities, they move on to discuss the curses and spells placed on you. These people often do have genuine psychic abilities, but they use their gifts to manipulate clients and take them to a dark place.

2. They avoid your big question. Whatever your big question is, don’t expect it to be answered. The scam artist will stop just short of answering it and instead, focus on the “dark energies,” curses and spells surrounding you.

3. They blame your unhappiness on “dark energy.” The “dark energy” is spells or curses someone placed on you. It’s keeping you from being happy, wealthy, getting your dream job, finding true love, losing weight, etc. Can the “dark energy” be removed? Of course it can, but for an additional fee! Rituals need to be performed and supplies need to be purchased for those rituals. They’ll ask you to place a deposit on the ritual, but since the spells and curses are very intense, they will need to do additional work that will, of course, cost your more money. Before you can say “abracadabra,” you are out a large sum of money!

Walk Away

The moment you’re told you or someone you love is cursed or under a spell, walk away. These criminals not only prey on those in need who are truly trying to seek spiritual guidance, they also give legitimate psychics a bad reputation! Sure, negative energy exists, and it has an impact on your life, but that’s because you have allowed it to linger through anger, fear and misery. With the help of a legitimate psychic, you can cleanse your energy by shifting it from negative to positive, living in the moment, letting go of the past and relinquishing fear.

Trust Your Instincts

The next time you choose a psychic advisor, consider my warning signs and trust your instincts. Is your psychic on the right path, or are they just using scare tactics like curses and spells to get more money out of you? You know the difference now.