Clearing Your Space

Clearing Your Space

When you are a psychic, you will see that many people will seek you out and ask you to help clear their space from negative entities. These people might complain that they hear noises, and they have things that are unwanted happening in their homes by spirits. This can affect their life and their day to day being.

If you are a psychic and you are good at this work, you might consider it rescuing someone. If someone dies, they will go back to the spirit world or they will remain on earth for some time. If a person dies suddenly such as in an accident or a robbery, they have been wronged and they might choose to stay on earth.

They will want to have justice and will want to make sure that they do not leave this world without getting back what was stolen from them.

When you have spirits that are bothering you and are in your home or work that you don’t want there, you have to understand what death is.

When you die, you leave the physical body, but you do not stop living. This means that you will be left on the earth or you will move on to the spiritual plane and you will be there to connect with those on the earth.

Maybe you met someone that has a spirit that uses things in the business and will rock or move things around. Being a medium means that you have to have a conversation with this spirit and find out why it is there to be a bother.

Talk to the spirit and call out to it and see if it comes to you and talks back to you. This can help to bring the owner of the home or business peace and help to clear the space that they are in.

This is the kind of work that never ends and there are events in the spiritual world that are happening everywhere and all the time.

There are people that die every second and when the spirit is bound on earth and wants to talk to their loved ones, they will be there to do that.

It can be helpful if you talk to the loved ones and ask them to talk to the person that has died so that the spirit can have a peaceful exit and move on.

This can also give the family peace if they have had someone that has died that they miss or they don’t know what happened to them.

This is considered rescue work because not only are you helping the family that is disturbed or scared, but you are also helping the spirit to have peace. The light that the spirit has will give the loved one a glimpse of what is going on in their life.

The spirit will then leave and will see that they have accomplished what they need to do, and they can move on and be happy.

This is a type of work that leaves everyone happy and helps to get people on the right track in life.


If you are a medium, you can consider yourself a rescue worker because you are helping those both in the spirit world and in the earthly plane.